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Sep 02, 2018
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Jordanian Archaeologist Mohammad Waheeb Al-Husseini: The Jews Have No Historic Right to the Land, the Zionist Movement Wants to Rule the World

#6769 | 03:07
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Jordanian Professor of Archaeology Mohammad Waheeb Al-Husseini said that the Zionist movement was aiming, in the long run, "to rule the world, not just Palestine, with Jerusalem as its point of departure." Al-Husseini, who is on the staff of the The Queen Rania Faculty of Tourism and Heritage of the Hashemite University of Jordan, said that archaeologists "have reached a dead end" and that throughout history, "the [Israelites] did not have any independence, which would enable us to say that they had a kingdom, a temple, or anything." Israel "has no historic right to the land," he said in the interview, which aired on the Palestinian Authority's TV channel on September 2, 2018.

Following are excerpts:


Jordanian Archaeologist Mohammad Waheeb Al-Husseini: What was the goal of the Zionist movement in calling itself by that name, after Mount Zion, south of the Haram [Al-Sharif]? The Zionist movement wanted, first of all, to restore the glory of ancient Israel to present times, and following that to rebuild [their] temple – this is an important point – and ultimately, in the final, great, stage, to rule the world, with Jerusalem as its point of departure. Look where they are aiming in the long term – to rule the world, not just Palestine, with Jerusalem as its point of departure, while awaiting the coming of the Messiah. So they want to shape the world from Palestine and Jerusalem.




Interviewer: Given the continuation of the conflict to this day, how far will they go – the people who want to establish Israel's historic right [to the land] by means of archaeology? Israel's right is currently imposed by means of advanced weapons, and the boots of its soldiers. Do they really need [archaeological proof]? Why?

Mohammad Waheeb Al-Husseini: With regard to the scientific research, they have reached a dead end, and archaeologists have been unable to come up with anything pertaining to Israel's historic right [to the land.] Israel does not have any historic right to this place. Even the ancient [Israelites] have disappeared into bygone history. They have no kingdoms worthy of note. The entire extent of the presence of the Jews in Palestine was 70 years. Historians have established three main campaigns in the history [of the Levant.] The Baylonian Nebuchadnezzar captured them in 586 CE [sic]. The Assyrians destroyed the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722 CE [sic]. The Roman Titus wiped them out in 70 CE.




So the [Israelites] did not have any independence which would enable us to say that they had a kingdom, a temple, or anything. So now that they have reached this dead end, they are unable to convince anyone anywhere in the world that they have a historic right to this blessed land. They did not have any existence in history in Palestine, and especially not in Jerusalem. No scholar supports them in this. Any scholar who goes there gets burned. The scientific scholars of the world today understand the historical facts. Go to the sources and books written in the West, and you will see that they all attack [Israel.] Israel does not have any right to Jerusalem or to Palestine. This is confirmed by the Western scholars, as well as by the Christian fundamentalists, who believe in the true Gospel. They say that [Israel] has to historic right to the land.

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