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Jun 28, 2017
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Jordanian TV Show: The Rothschilds Rule the World, Assassinated 6 U.S. Presidents; Jews Withhold Cure for Cancer and AIDS

#6165 | 04:52
Source: Altaghier TV (Iraq)

A Jordanian TV channel recently aired a program about the Rothschild family, according to which it was "the founder of the United States" and owned much of the world's resources, media, and banks. The show included an interview with Jordanian economic analyst Mohammed Sami Abugoush, who said that "any leader who refused to deal with the Rothschilds would be assassinated." Abugoush and TV host Rita Altaji agreed that it was Rothschild, and not President Macron, who ruled France, and that "even the U.S. and the mighty British royal family do not rule Britain." She and her guest concurred that the Rothschilds assassinated U.S. Presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield, Harrison, Tyler, and Jackson. Abugoush further said that the Jews control the weapons, pharmaceutical, shipping, and agricultural industries, and are withholding the cure for cancer and AIDS from the world in order to make a profit. The show aired on Altaghier TV on June 24.

On-screen text: "'Buy real estate wherever there is blood in the world' -Lord Rothschild"

Narrator: "They are the prophets of money and bonds, the richest family ever known to the world. It controls half of the world's wealth and owns one-third of the planet's fresh water. It has the final say regarding the price of gold around the world, controls the American media, and owns most of the world's banks. [The Rothschilds] own CNN and Hollywood, as well as 80 percent of all Israeli settlements. Egypt has not been spared [the control of the Rothschilds], who own stocks in the Suez Canal. Eighty percent of the world's uranium belong to them. The Rothschild family, which is German-Jewish in origin, is the founder of the United States, and owns most of the central banks in the world."


Mohammed Sami Abugoush: "As soon as they instated usury in global transactions, they began to lend money to countries and leaders. Any leader who refused to deal with the Rothschilds would be assassinated. He would be killed, ostracized or accused of being crazy..."

Rita Altaji: "That family would not allow anyone to oppose its goals and interests. Since you have mentioned this, is it true that the Rothschild family was responsible for the assassination of about six world leaders, in addition to many congressmen and bank owners? The most famous among those presidents were Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, in addition to Garfield, Harrison, Tyler and Jackson. Is this true?"

Mohammed Sami Abugoush: "Yes, 100 percent true.


"In 2000 there were only eight countries not controlled by the Rothschild family. In 2011, only three countries were left, and now, almost all the countries, with the exception of Cuba and North Korea..."

Rita Altaji: "Iran too. Three countries... We will get to that, but first does this family still control the five countries to which it sent its sons?"

Mohammed Sami Abugoush: "Absolutely. It controls them politically, economically, and demographically. They even control people's mentality. They control the media networks. CNN belongs to them."

Rita Altaji: "Hollywood, too."

Mohammed Sami Abugoush: "The broadcasting rights throughout Europe and in Hollywood, the rights to broadcast films, and all the TV channels – not just CNN, but also Fox News, CBS, and ABC – are owned by them. They own the advertising rights, they own the broadcasting rights, they own the media, and they own the doctrinal guidance in those countries. When I was in the U.S., I experienced how they fabricate facts in order to serve the interests of a certain group of people."


Rita Altaji: "Macron is the new French president, and is also a new member of the New World Order system, the famous NWO, which is written on the one dollar bill in Latin, as you just said when you talked about the Freemasons and the Illuminati. So does Rothschild rule France while Macron is merely the president?"

Mohammed Sami Abugoush: "Positive. Even the U.S. and the mighty British royal family do not rule Britain.


"Who rules the White House? The Jews. Who rules the Congress? The Jews. Who rules the Senate? The Jews. Who rules America economically? Who rules the American firms and banks? All the gigantic American banks belong to the Jews."

Rita Altaji: "Right."

Mohammed Sami Abugoush: "The weapon industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the shipping industry, the agricultural industry..."

Rita Altaji: "With regard to the pharmaceutical industry, people say that there is a cure for cancer, but these powerful families refuse to provide it to the people, because they want to profit from selling these drugs."

Mohammed Sami Abugoush: "It's the same with AIDS."

Rita Altaji: "Yes, AIDS too."

Mohammed Sami Abugoush: "They have the cure for AIDS, but they won't give it away, because they want to have a monopoly. After 20 years, the disease has spread, and instead of one million sick people, there are 100 million. Now they present the treatment in the market, and instead of one million doses, they sell 100 million. With this mentality, they wish to control all the sources of life on the planet."

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