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Jan 31, 2016
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Jordanian TV Host Ayed Alqam: The Holocaust Is the Greatest Lie in History; Jacob Adolf Hitler Was a Jew (Archival)

#6060 | 06:22
Source: Prime TV (Jordan)

Jordanian film director Ayed Alqam, General Director of Prime TV and Dyar Media, said that the Jews "excel in lies and deception" and that the Holocaust is "the greatest lie in history." "The real Holocaust is that of the Palestinian people," he added. Alqam further said that Hitler's real name was Jacob Adolf Hitler and that he was a Jew. His remarks aired on January 31, 2016 on the Jordanian Prime TV. It is noteworthy that Prime TV cooperates with Deutsche Welle TV and airs reruns of DW shows in Arabic. For another episode of Alqam's show, in which he discussed the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," see https://www.memri.org/tv/jordan-media-director-protocols-elders-zion-abhorred-treacherous-jews


Ayed Alqam: "Is the Jewish holocaust a lie? Are the Jews making a false claim when they say that Hitler burned the Jews in gas chambers? We know that the Jews excel in lies and deception. The Jews are very skillful in distorting history. They are renowned for that. Their goal is to extort and make political and material gains from that Holocaust. As I've said, the Jews are experts in lies, myths, and deception. The Jewish Holocaust, in my view – or in the view of people who know the truth about the Jews – is a big lie. The problem is that in 2005, the United Nations decided that January 27 of every year would be a day of commemorating that Holocaust.




"That widespread rumor about the burning [of the Jews]... Naturally, the European colonialist countries had an interest in spreading that rumor. Britain, in particular, had an interest in spreading the claim about the burning of the Jews, for many economic and political reasons. Their prime interest was to get the Jews to leave, so that they could be rid of them.




"It is true that the gas chambers in Germany were used for burning, but they were used to burn the corpses of the dead, so that they would not decay and spread diseases. We saw earlier the burning of corpses. These were not Jews. These were corpses burned by gas so that they would not decay and spread diseases. So they claimed that these corpses were of Jews. Another proof is that according to World War II documents, Nazi Germany collaborated with the Zionist movement in order to fan the flames of hatred against Semites in order to transfer the Jews to Palestine. We've talked about this. They wanted to transfer the Jews to Palestine in order to establish the Israeli state. Even the banks in Germany... Look how much they helped the Jews. Even the banks in Germany smuggled the money of the German Jews from Germany to Jewish banks in Palestine. Look what a big scheme.




"So they are indebted to Hitler and Nazism. Hitler helped them. The Nazis helped them. Obviously they helped them in order to get rid of them. Some of us consider Hitler to have been a hero because he burned the Jews. Some say: if only he had rid us of them completely.




"Therefore, my viewers, the Jewish Holocaust is the lie of our day and age. This is the greatest lie in history. The greatest lie! This is the greatest distortion in the history of Mankind. It is the most loathsome act of plunder of the Palestinian land. The real Holocaust is that of the Palestinian people.




"They say that six million Jews were burned. What gas chambers were there in Germany capable of containing such a large number of Jews?! As we said at the beginning, six million Jews were [supposedly] burned in gas chambers. We all know, those who are politically savvy know, that Germany was suffering from an energy and fuel crisis back then. Germany was suffering from an energy crisis so how were these chambers operated?! There was no energy, no fuel. There was some fuel, but it was used to meet the people's needs, and not for burning [Jews].




"Who was Hitler? What was his real name? Hitler's name was Jacob Adolf Hitler. You can see his ID card on the screen. Here, we highlight the name Jacob on the ID card. Jacob-Adolf-Hitler. So he was a Jew."


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