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Jul 28, 2012
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Jews' "Character as Pigs" Is Evident in Their Refusal to Acknowledge Muhammad's Prophecy in Jordanian-Produced Soap Opera

#687 | 02:04
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from Part 3 of the Jordanian-produced soap opera "Stories from before the Verses Came Down", which aired on Iqra TV during February 2005.

Kinana: No matter what signs this Muhammad brings us from his god, we will not follow him.

Ka'b: I swear by the Torah that if Moses son of Amram had brought him here, and said to us: "Follow Muhammad," I would have rejected Moses himself.

Old Jew: Then it is settled, Jews. We will not follow Muhammad.

Shas: How did you get us into this mess, Ibn Salam?

Ibn Salam Shame on you. Your character as pigs is showing .

Old Jew: Ibn Salam, we know he is indeed the messenger of Allah, but if we believe him this quickly, we will lose the respect of our people, and we will lose the money we collect from them.

Shas: This means that the common people will stop paying us our share of the gold and silver, and we will become poor.

Old Jew: We will lose our status as leaders of the Jews.

Shas: Why don't we increase your share so that you will get double or even…

Old Jew: If you take back what you said. Then, we will tell the common people that Al-Hussein Ibn Salam was wrong…

Shas: And that this Muhammad is not the prophet foretold in the Torah.

Old Jew: It will be as if nothing ever happened. Then, you will receive the crates of gold immediately.

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