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Oct 18, 2023
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Al-Jazeera Report About Hamas Threats To Israeli Offshore Gas Installations: All Of Israel's Natural Gas Installations Are Within Range Of Palestinian Rockets, Possibly Lebanese Rockets Too

#10545 | 02:57
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) aired a report on Hamas's threats to Israeli natural gas installations on October 18, 2023, stating that the war following the events of October 7 has had a very negative effect on the Israeli energy sector. Al-Jazeera's reporter stated that the gas supply at the Tamar gas field, which is located 20 km off the southern city of Ashkelon has been forced to stop. He said that during the May 2021 conflict with Gaza, Israel was forced to stop operation at the Tamar gas field due to Hamas torpedoes launched from submarines. The reporter continued to say that all of Israel's offshore gas fields are within the range of Palestinian rockets and possibly Lebanese rockets too. He claimed that there is "increasing fear" among foreign investors in Israeli gas and that they know that the Iron Dome "has failed to prevent the resistance's rockets from reaching Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, the Ben Gurion airport, and other sensitive locations."

Al-Jazeera reporter: "The Al-Aqsa Flood war and the aggression of the Israeli occupation forces against the Gaza Strip had very negative ramifications for the Israeli energy sector, in a manner that is unprecedented for this vital sector, as the Israeli Ministry of Energy was forced to halt the gas supply from the Tamar gas field, which is located 20 kilometers off the Ashkelon coast.

"This in turn caused the energy and gas sector in Israel hundreds of millions of dollars in losses every week, according to the estimates of Israeli media outlets. The natural gas fields off the Israeli coastline cover about 70% of the electricity production and the energy demand in Israel.

"The Israeli Ministry of Energy has confirmed that the American Chevron company that operates the Tamar gas field stopped the export of natural gas through the gas pipelines in the east Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and Egypt, because it considers the safety of its teams and its installations to be its number one priority.

"The 'Sword of Jerusalem' War, which took place two years ago, has driven Israel to stop operating at the platform that is drilling for natural gas in the Mediterranean Sea, after Hamas fired dozens of rockers towards it. At the time, the occupation army said that Hamas had tried to target the Israeli gas platforms using torpedoes launched from submarines equipped with GPS.

"Last year, the PIJ attempted to launch a UAV at the direction of the Tamar platform. Apparently, the Palestinian resistance was able to develop its offensive capabilities during the last two years, bringing the Israeli gas rigs in the eastern Mediterranean Sea within the range of the Palestinian rockets – and possibly the Lebanese ones, in the future.

"In addition, there is increasing fear among the foreign investors, who pumped billions of dollars into the Israeli energy sector, and do not know what the future holds. It seems that these investors are now more aware that the Iron Dome – which is tasked with protecting these platforms ­– had failed to prevent the rockets of the resistance from reaching Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, the Ben Gurion airport, and other sensitive locations."

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