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Aug 10, 2021
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Iranian Teacher And Activist Javad Lal-Mohammadi, Following Release From Prison: Khamenei, Raisi – You Will End Up Like Saddam And Qadhafi; Go To Your Friends, Nasrallah And The Houthis

#9025 | 03:25
Source: Online Platforms - "Afshin Afshin Jam on Facebook"

Javad Lal-Mohammadi, a teacher and activist from Mashhad, Iran, who was recently released from prison, said that the Iranian people do not want Supreme Leader Khamenei or newly elected president, Ibrahim Raisi. He made these remarks in a video that was posted by Afshin Afshin Jam on Facebook on August 10, 2021. Lal-Mohammadi said that the fate of Khamenei and Raisi will be like that of Saddam and Qadhafi. He said Raisi should go to his "friends" Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah and the Houthis of Yemen. Lal-Mohammadi added that the Khamenei has destroyed Iran and "filled it with filth." He recounted how he was flogged on every single day of his eight day prison sentence and instead of moaning he cried out: "No to the Islamic Republic!" every time the whip hit his back. Lal-Mohammadi showed off the scars on his back from the flogging. He continued to say that the only way to fix the country is for "those people to go away." He said that they could do what they want to him, but he will not pull back.

Javad Lal-Mohammadi: "Mr. Khamenei, you should pay attention and be careful. [Your] day is coming. Saddam was dragged out of his spider hole by the Americans, but you will be dragged out of the spider hole by the public. The day will come when, like Qadhafi. You will beg and say: 'you are my children,' but each piece of your flesh will be held by someone else. Mr. Governor of Khorasan Province, get lost! Go away from Khorasan. Mr. Head of Khorasan Intelligence, who flogs a teacher on his back — go away!


"Go away from this country! Mr. Head of the Education Department, you have stolen enough. You have cheated enough teachers. Enough! Go away! [President] Raisi, go to Hassan Nasrallah! Go to the Houthis of Yemen! Go to your friends!


"Enough! The people do not want you! Go away from this country!  You will end up like Qadhafi! You will end up like Saddam.


"Mr. Khamenei, go away from this country! The people are tired of you. The people are tired of you all, because you have destroyed this country, and have filled it with filth. Honorable people of Iran, I spent eight days in their [prison] cells. For eight days, they flogged my body, the body of a teacher. My body was full of blisters. But in spite of them, I did not moan even once. They were hoping to hear a single moan from me, but in vain. Each time the whip landed on my back, I cried out: No to the Islamic Republic!


"The only way to fix this country, is for those people to go away and for this country to be liberated. If you want to do something, join hands, create a human chain. They can do nothing when facing you. They can do whatever they want to me. Even if they break my hands, even if they do whatever they want to me, even if my flesh and my bones stick to my skin, I will not pull back a single centimeter."

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