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Feb 22, 2015
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ISIS Training Camp for Children in Al-Raqqah, Syria

#4795 | 02:35
Source: Online Platforms

A video released on February 22, 2015 shows an ISIS training camp for children in Al-Raqqah, Syria. One of the instructors said in the video that the children had come from "the Levant and elsewhere." In addition, the video shows children undergoing physical training and being tested on their knowledge of Islamic principles.

Arabic song plays in background, children in military fatigues line up in formation

Instructor: “Ready?”

Children: “Ready!”

Instructor: “Down! Up! Down! Up!”

The children perform calisthenics


Adult speaker: “Here at the Farouq Institute for (Jihadi) Cubs, there are cubs from the muhajirun and ansar from the Levant and elsewhere. We have been brought together by Allah to learn this religion.

“In this place, Allah willing, we will raise a generation on the basis of the Quran and of the Sunna. Here we teach the fundamentals of Islam, first and foremost, monotheism.

“We also teach here the pinnacle of Islam, jihad in the path of Allah…

“Perhaps Allah will station them in the days to come on the front line, where they will fight the infidels…

“Allah willing, in a few years – or even less – this will be the generation that will regain the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This will be the generation that will conquer Rome, Allah willing. This will be the generation that will build the Islamic State, and will spread the religion of Allah, which is fought by all the nations or heresy and apostasy.”

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