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Mar 26, 2016
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ISIS Celebrates Brussels Attacks, Belgian Members Vow to Drink Infidels’ Blood, Paint White House Black

#5415 | 05:49
Source: The Internet

ISIS has released several videos celebrating the Brussels attacks, most of them featuring Belgian ISIS members who threaten more attacks. One member addressed Westerners, vowing to drink their blood and to turn the White House into a "black house." Another member referred to the Belgian government as “the abject slaves of Obama,” and said that they had learned nothing from the attacks on Paris. A video released by the Al-Raqqa province showed a man being shot to death. All videos were released on March 25.

Following are excerpts

ISIS Al-Khayr Province

ISIS members handing out various baked goods and fliers to passersby


ISIS member, driving a truck: You will witness more of our attacks, Allah willing. We will not be satiated by 40 dead, because their blood tastes good. We will drink your blood until our thirst has been quenched, because of what you are doing with your airforces to our country, the Caliphate, the state of the Muslims. Allah willing, we will drink your blood down to the last drop. Allah willing, we will turn the White House into a black house. Allah willing, you will witness all this soon.


Abu Hanifa Al-Baljiki ISIS Al-Raqqa Province

Abu Hanifa Al-Baljiki, speaking in Flemish: This is a message to the government of Belgium, to the abject slaves of Obama. I say to you: Didn't we warn you before? You have learned nothing from the lessons of Paris, and have continued to fight Islam and the Muslims. Let me tell you that the Brussels attack is the harvest of what you sowed.


Arabic-speaking ISIS Militant holding a gun behind a kneeling prisoner: Allah willing, we will continue fighting you on your own turf. We will kill your spies here.

The militant points his gun towards the head of the prisoner


Abou 'Umar Al-Muhajir ISIS Tripoli Province

ISIS members hand out candy to drivers

Abou 'Umar Al-Muhajir, speaking in English: I'm very happy. May Allah accept the brothers who committed the attacks in Brussels and the ones in Paris as well. May Allah accept their efforts and accept them as martyrs. May Allah put them in the highest place in Paradise. I want you guys to know, you infidels - those who do not want Allah's law to be implemented on the face of the Earth - that we have soldiers everywhere. As long as you continue to drop your bombs, Allah willing, we will continue to slaughter you on your streets. By Allah, we will continue to kill you as well. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.


Abu Abdallah Al-Baljiki ISIS Ninawa Province

Abu Abdallah Al-Baljiki, speaking in French: You infidels, today we bring you very good news, news that truly made us very happy. We wanted to share this joy with you, the Muslims who are watching this video. I ask Allah to accept our brothers as martyrs. These martyrdom operations of our brothers, these lions of Allah, have only increased the faith in our hearts.

"Appropriate Recompense"

Abu Mujahid Al-Baljiki ISIS Ninawa Province

Abu Mujahid Al-Baljiki speaking in French: Allah's prayers and blessing upon the Prophet Muhammad. Oh people of the West, you think that you are superior, but today, you have been humiliated. You who have lived a life of pleasure, a life of entertainment, this carefree life in which you were immersed - today, this era is over. You are in an era of war, an era in which blood will flow in your streets, an era in which you will see your loved ones die before your eyes.

The nightmare has only just begun. Today, Allah be praised, we savor this vengeance - this very beautiful vengeance, Allah be praised. After New York and the Paris attacks, today we announce a new 9/11. Know that the blood of the Muslims in Iraq and Syria, as well as elsewhere in the land of Islam, the blood of our martyrs, has not been shed in vain. Allah willing, Allah will give us victory. May He facilitate the path and allow us to join our brothers in Paradise, Allah willing.

We here, in the land of the Caliphate, give you advice: Respond to your governors, who have plunged you into unimaginable chaos. Respond, tell them to withdraw their planes, tell them to withdraw their soldiers, and then you will live in peace. Let me remind you, oh infidels, of what Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, of blessed memory, said: "Oh you Americans and your coalition, you will never sleep in peace, as long as the Palestinian people do not live in security and serenity." We will not accept a life of humiliation anymore, living in submission under the tawaghit.

Today, we submit to Allah alone and to none other - to He who deserves to be worshipped. Today, Allah be praised, our brothers have given you a taste of a horrific event. Your hearts trembled with fear, and the nightmare has only just begun. Know that what is to come will be even more terrifying, Allah willing. Remember the message that I gave you over a year ago, when I warned you that we would attack Paris and Brussels. Allah be praised, we have succeeded in doing so. Know that we have other targets and that we have determination.


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