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Jan 29, 2020
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Iraqi Politician Samir Ubeid: Trump Is Milking Money from the Gulf Countries in Exchange for Protection in a Fashion That Resembles the Jizya Poll Tax

#7853 | 00:54
Source: Al-Sumaria TV (Iraq)

Iraqi political Samir Ubeid said in a January 29, 2020 interview on Sumaria TV (Iraq) that the "Gulf Spring" will come after Trump milks the Gulf countries of their money in resources in exchange for protection. Ubeid said that Trump is doing this in a fashion similar to the jizya poll tax and that Trump turned Iran into a boogeyman in order to scare the Gulf countries into paying the United States for defense.

Samir Ubeid: "The Gulf Spring will come to you after Trump milks you, and he will take all your money, because he apparently admires the Islamic issue of jizya. He has now begun to practice it himself. [He says:] 'Pay, and you will be safe.' This is Trump's motto. So [the Gulf regimes] pay, thinking that they will stay [in power]. [Trump] turned Iran into a boogeyman in order to scare the Gulf countries so that he can milk their treasuries and resources."

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