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Jun 19, 2008
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Iraqi Historian Muahmmad Samhan: American Imperialism Will Collapse in Iraq. Kennedy Was Assassinated Because He Was a Catholic

#1810 | 05:15
Source: Al-Rafidein TV (Iraq)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Iraqi historian Muhammad Samhan, which aired on Al-Rafidein TV on June 19, 2008:

Muhammad Samhan: I believe there is a hidden dimension to the struggle between the U.S...

Interviewer: One dimension or dimensions?

Muhammad Samhan: It's one dimension with several sub-categories. I'm referring to the dimension of Western Protestantism, which deviates from true Christianity, and of the prophecies of books which are said to be holy...

Interviewer: The Bible.

Muhammad Samhan: These books say that the Assyrian force of evil will strike the "Axis of Good" – represented by global Jewry – in the Battle of Armageddon in the Jezreel Valley, and so on. That lunatic, Bush, who emerged from the bosom of this school of thought... Not just Bush. All the U.S. presidents were Protestants or "Zionist" Christians. That's true, but they, at least, had some common sense, and used to disguise themselves like chameleons.


The Zionist ideology, from which [Bush] emerged, is the same ideology from which Nazism emerged. Hitler was a very humble student in the school of Zionism. Nazism is the offspring of Zionism, not vice versa.

Interviewer: So how come [Hitler] carried out the so-called "Holocaust"?

Muhammad Samhan: He studied at the school of global Jewish Zionism, which was reinforced by the methodology of the Torah and the Talmud – the methodology of massacring any non-Jewish people, of collecting interest from every non-Jewish people, and of viewing all the peoples of the world as beasts at the service of the Chosen People. This is what they based their racial superiority on. Nazism borrowed this ideology and these principles from them. So did Mussolini. Fascism borrowed this ideology and these principles from them. The U.S. also borrowed this idea from them, and it views itself as the Chosen People today.


Today, the Indians put up resistance against the U.S. and the American people, which was exiled to the U.S. from all countries of the world. The Latin American peoples are now trying to free themselves from the control of the white man. In South Africa, the black resistance overcame the white man's colonialism, which lasted several centuries. The conflict we are now witnessing in Zimbabwe and elsewhere...

Interviewer: In Somalia.

Muhammad Samhan: Yes. It is a type of resistance against the white invasion of the African continent.

Interviewer: So the people of the resistance are the living peoples that will never die?

Muhammad Samhan: Precisely, and what is strange is that all the empires in the world... This is something many historians and scholars of global strategy don't know. All the empires of the world, without exception, collapsed in the face of the Arab and Islamic world, and America will be no exception. The Persian Empire collapsed in our land, the Greek Empire collapsed in our land, the Roman Empire collapsed in our land, the Mongols collapsed in our land, the new colonialism that arose after the industrial revolution - the British, French, and Italian imperialism...

Interviewer: And recently, American imperialism...

Muhammad Samhan: American imperialism will be no exception. It will collapse in our land.

Interviewer: It has already collapsed.

Muhammad Samhan: [The U.S.] did well to chose Iraq to be the land of rejection, of rebellion, of strength and might, because Iraq is the only Arab country to possess the components of strength, of might, and resistance.


Whoever thinks that the U.S. was established on the basis of secularism, or that it is a secular liberal state, is badly mistaken, because the U.S. was established on the basis of the concept of the Promised Land. The names of many U.S. cities are biblical names – these are towns, villages, and other places originally found in Palestine.

Interviewer: Such as?

Muhammad Samhan: Such as Bethlehem, Nablus, and many others that don't come to mind, but which exist in the U.S. and bear the names of Palestinian towns and villages. For another thing, in the U.S, the prevailing concept is that of the WASP – the ruling Protestant white man. Thus, since the establishment of the U.S. and to this day, it has never had a non-protestant, except one – Kennedy, who was murdered because he was Catholic.

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