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Feb 25, 2021
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Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein: There Is No Resistance In Iraq – Militias Launching Missiles Are Terrorists

#8716 | 01:56
Source: Al-Sumaria TV (Iraq)

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said that there is no resistance operating in Iraq today, and the militias that launch missiles are terrorists, who act against the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Al-Sumaria TV (Iraq) on February 25, 2021. Hussein said that it was Al-Maliki's government that asked the Americans to come to Iraq, because ISIS took over one third of Iraqi territory, and Iraqi forces could not fight against them on their own, so they turned to other countries for help. He said that Iraq is a democracy, and if anyone wants to resist, they can resist peacefully, use words, and speak up in parliament.

Interviewer: "There is a large number of American soldiers, or advisors, in Iraq. They serve as a pretext for the groups that shell the Green Zone, Erbil, and the Balad Air Base. They serve as a pretext for those who claim that they have a legitimate right to wage resistance."

Fuad Hussein: "Resistance against whom?"

Interviewer: "Against America."

Hussein: "Did the Americans come here because the government had invited them or by their own device? Who invited them? It was when Al-Maliki was the Prime Minister. ISIS took over one-third of Iraq's territory. The Iraqi government tried and tried, and eventually turned to other countries for help."


Interviewer: "So they came and now they should leave. The war with ISIS is over."

Hussein: "How should they leave? Through war? Who will fight them? Who is the resistance? There is no resistance in Iraq. Those who wage 'resistance' do it against the Iraqi government. They are terrorists. This is not 'resistance.' Resistance against whom? This is a democratic country. They can go to the parliament and speak there.


"The [militias] that launch missiles are terrorists. They are acting against the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government. They do not constitute 'resistance.' There is no resistance in Iraq. If they want to resist peacefully, they can do it. With words.


"If you use Katyusha missiles to communicate with countries, you should bear in mind that the others have tremendous power."

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