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Aug 09, 2004
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Iraqi Defense Minister: Iran is Iraq's Enemy No. 1

#189 | 01:13
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Iraqi Defense Minister Hazem Al-Sha'lan spoke on Al-'Arabiya TV and accused Iran of being Iraq's Enemy No. 1. The following are excerpts:

Host: Do you still consider Iran as the number one enemy of the Iraqis or do you take back what you said?

Hazem Al-Sha'lan: The facts in our hands prove, as acknowledged by everybody, that what has happened to the Iraqi people was done by the "number one enemy." For the first time, the Iraqis witness children's corpses, children's body parts, women's corpses, women's body parts, scattered in the streets. Yes, that is the truth.

As the Governor of Najaf made clear, Iran has left its thumbprint in Najaf. Weapons manufactured in Iran were found in Najaf in the hands of these criminals who got these weapons through the Iranian border.

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