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Sep 24, 2021
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Iraqi Official Dr. Sahar Al-Ta’i at a Peace Conference in Erbil: We Want Peace with Israel; Iraq Must Recognize Israel as a Friendly Country, Join the Abraham Accords

#9092 | 05:50
Source: The Internet - "Center for Peace Communication on YouTube"

Dr. Sahar Al-Ta’i, Head of Research at the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, said that Iraq should recognize Israel as a friendly country. Dr. Al-Ta’i was speaking at the Conference for Peace and Reclamation that was held in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan on September 24. According to media reports, some 250 people participated in the conference that was organized by the American organization, Center for Peace Communication. “We want peace with Israel,” said Dr. Al-Ta’i, who added that Iraq should join the Abraham Accords. Dr. Al-Ta’i also delivered the closing statement for the conference, in which she declared the establishment of seven committees to promote the ideas presented in the conference, including a committee that would focus on the lost Jewish property in Iraq, and a committee for exporting the ideas of conference to other Arab countries.

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