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Jun 27, 2011
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Iranian TV Report on Underground Missile Silos: We Have Countless Numbers of Silos, Ready for Launching

#3007 | 03:58
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

Following are excerpts from a TV report on Iranian missiles, which aired on Channel 2, Iranian TV:

Reporter: Have you ever traveled to an unknown destination?

IRG officer: Guys, please give us your cell phones and shut the windows until we arrive.

Reporter: Everything is peculiar, even the meaningful silence of the people sitting next to you. This is the real story of our trip. Our trip takes place with special security measures to an unknown destination. Now we are in the middle of nowhere in a car with tinted windows. All I know is that TV reception is poor.

This seems very important to me.

Sir, may I ask you a question?

IRGC officer: Go ahead.

Reporter: On the airplane, you took my cell phone. We were flying for an hour and a half with the windows shut, and we didn't know where we were going. Where is this place? Where have you brought us?

IRG officer: This place could be anywhere in Iran – in the northern forests, the central salt desert, the western mountains, or somewhere with broad fields. It could be any of these places.

Reporter: Okay, but where are we?

Other IRG officer: This is a place our enemy doesn't know about. Our enemy can't even imagine where this place is, yet here we are.

Reporter: Let's call it a subterranean trip in Iran.

Are we going even deeper?

We have to go further down?

IRG officer: Keep going.

Reporter: What is this picture?

IRG officer: This is a picture of our smiling youth at the beginning of the war [with Iraq]. It shows the effect of the boycott by Western and Eastern countries. The fueling equipment has broken down, and they are using a bucket instead.

Other IRG officer: We started out with the most basic equipment, and look where we are today.

Reporter: Is this a rocket?

IRG officer: Yes.


Reporter: This is definitely very surprising. This is a Shehab III, right? Is this the launching pad?

IRG officer: This is the launching pad and silo for long-range rockets.

Reporter: These are beautiful and powerful images of the launching of these smart long-range rockets, belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran, from underground rocket-launching silos. These silos and launching pads are ready 24 hours a day for the firing of rockets.

IRG officer: This is a manifestation of two things: Wanting something and achieving it. Only a few countries in the world are capable of building such a launching silo. Building the silo is no less complex than planning and building a missile.

Reporter: Upstairs, I asked you where this place was, and you said we could be anywhere in Iran. Does this mean we have such silos all over Iran?

IRG officer: We have countless numbers of them. These silos prevent detection by satellite. We have programmed targets for every silo, and they are ready for launching whenever the order is given.

Reporter: Just an order and then the launching?

IRG officer: Yes.


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