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Mar 19, 2016
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Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Criticizes Top Political Rivals: Favoring Talks over Missiles Constitutes Treason

#5428 | 05:50
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

In two recent public speeches, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, in a pointed reference to a Tweet made by Expediency Council Chairman Rafsanjani, said that those who say that today is an era of talks, not of missiles, are committing treason. Khamenei rejected President Rouhani's call to instate an economic and cultural model – which he termed JCPOA 2, 3, and 4 – for the benefit of society, and said that this would constitute an abandonment of the principles of Islam and of the Islamic Revolution. He further criticized the U.S., saying: "the Americans have not upheld their commitments" in the JCPOA.


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March 20, 2016



Ali Khamenei: We made an agreement on the nuclear issue, called the JCPOA. Now it is being said that we need a new JCPOA for regional issues, a new JCPOA for the country's constitution, and JCPOA 2, 3, 4, and so on, so that we will be able to live a comfortable life. They are trying to instill this logic among our society's elite, and from there, to instill it into the public opinion of society. What does this mean? It means that Iran would abandon the principles of Islam, and of the superiority of the Iranian regime, to which it is committed. [It means] that it would abandon the issue of Palestine, it would abandon its support of the resistance in the region, and it would not provide political support to the oppressed in the region - such as the people of Palestine, of Gaza, of Yemen, and of Bahrain. [It means] that the Iranian regime would have to moderate its will in order to approach what America wants. It means...



Crowd Chants: No to humiliation!



No to humiliation!



No to humiliation!




No to humiliation!




No to humiliation!





Ali Khamenei: With regard to the nuclear agreement with America and the P5+1, the Americans have not upheld their commitments. They did not do what they were supposed to do. As our honorable foreign minister said, they did things on paper only, and thwarted the goals of Iran by various indirect means. Look at any Western country today and at anybody under their influence. We still face obstacles in our banking transactions, and in withdrawing our money from their banks. Commercial deals that require banking transactions face problems, and when we try to have dealings with them, it turns out that they are afraid of the Americans. The Americans said that they would lift the sanctions, and on paper, they have done so, but they are taking further action, in other ways, so that the sanctions are not, in fact, lifted.


Crowd Chants: Death to America!



Death to America!




March 30, 2016



Ali Khamenei: Some people say that the world of tomorrow is a world of talks, and not of missiles. If this is said out of ignorance, that's one thing, but if it is said out of cognizance, it constitutes treason.



Crowd Chants: Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!



Khamenei is the leader!



Death to those who oppose the Rule of the Jurisprudent!



Death to America! Death to England!



Death to the hypocrites!



Death to Israel!






Ali Khamenei: The IRGC presents the progress made in its missiles, and this brings pride not only to the Iranians, but to the freedom-seeking countries around us as well. When the IRGC missiles are displayed in tests with such precision and beauty, it pleases many nations, which have suffered at the hands of the Americans and the Zionist regime. Should we depress them by saying that the era of the missiles is over? No, the era of the missiles is not over.





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