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Apr 23, 2004
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An Iranian Show about Jewish and Zionist History

#42 | 02:37
Source: Sahar TV (Iran)

The Iranian television station, Sahar1, aired a program in Arabic about Jewish and Zionist history. Following are excerpts from the program:

Narrator: Zionism began through the Zionist Agency gathering the Jews and especially the Jews of Eastern Europe and Russia, who do not belong to the Semitic race but are the descendants of the Khazar peoples. The only reason was that they adhered to the Jewish religion.

The number of these Jews is very high compared to the European and American Jews, even though those also originate from the Khazar Jews. The Zionist leaders lacked certain elements needed to fulfill their basic aspirations; first and foremost, they lacked a common denominator for the Jews, besides religion. Most of them were not even fluent in the Hebrew language.

Then, the Jewish Agency instructed its representative to convince these Jews that they belong to the Semitic race and are descendents of the (Twelve) Tribes, and that the Jews are the Chosen People. All these slogans are false, as well as their slogan that their country stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates: The Nile, because Moses crossed it (when) he left Egypt and the Euphrates, because after the exile they lived for centuries in Babylon by the banks of the Euphrates and put in writing the delusions that came to their minds and put them in the Torah, which was entirely lost and all that is left of it is a miniscule portion in the hearts of some old people.

These Jews became extinct and only a very few survived and they are the Semitic Jews. As for these Zionists who raised the slogan of Zionism as a basis for their existence, they have no connection whatsoever to the Semitic Jews, other than the religion.

Dr. Husseini, A University Professor: They have become a cancerous tumor regarding their thought. If they penetrate a person's brains, they destroy his ideas, and we will review these corrupting ideas later. If they penetrate the heart they spread inhuman emotions and desires, and if they penetrate the arms and legs, they corrupt the land. They were cursed by Allah, the prophets, and all people.

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