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Nov 14, 2022
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Iranian Report About IRGC Rocket, Drone Attack In Iraqi Kurdistan: These Attacks Will Increase Until Those Separatist 'Termites' Who Want To Topple Iran Are Toppled!

#9936 | 01:34
Source: Channel 2 (Iran)

On November 14, 2022, Channel 2 (Iran) aired a news report about an IRGC rocket and drone attack targeting "Kurdish separatists" in Iraqi Kurdistan. IRGC ground forces commander Brigadier-General Mohammad Pakpour said in the report: "Our operations will continue until all the separatist groups are disarmed." The reporter said that according to Iranian "military commanders," these attacks will continue and even increase until "those who want to topple Iran are toppled." He also referred to the Kurdish "separatists" as "termites."

News anchor: "IRGC ground forces reported rocket and drone attacks against the headquarters of anti-Iranian Kurdish separatist terrorists in northern Iraq."


Mohammad Pakpour: "As I have said before, our operations will continue until all the separatist groups are disarmed."

Reporter: "Based on the intelligence dominance and advanced operation planning, this morning, the headquarters, facilities, and the routes used by the terrorists to [transfer] ammunition into Iran were hit by the rockets and drones of the fighters of Islam."

IRGC commander: "With the code name, Oh Zahra, Oh Zahra, Oh Zahra, attack!"


Reporter: "The military commanders of the Islamic Republic of Iran say that until those who want to topple Iran are toppled, the number of [operations] will increase unless the neighboring country [Iraq] does something about its termites."

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