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Apr 06, 2020
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Iranian TV Airs Report on IRGC-Developed Technology for Diagnosing COVID-19 Using AI, CT Scans; Experts Claim It Is 100% Accurate and Works in Seconds

#7918 | 01:33
Source: Press TV (Iran)

On April 5, 2020, Press TV, Iran's state-sponsored English-language channel, aired a report about a new "smart" technology that the IRGC has developed for diagnosing COVID-19. The technology, which was shown as a camera that records what appears to be thermal imaging, reportedly uses artificial intelligence and CT scans to precisely diagnose coronavirus. IRGC Brigadier General Ahmad Abdollahi, who was presented as the project manager, claimed that the new technology can diagnose COVID-19 within seconds with a 100% accuracy rate, and he said that it will be made available in the imaging departments of Iranian hospitals. In addition, a person who was introduced as an Iranian scientists told the reporter that the technology uses images and data gathered from confirmed coronavirus patients, that it has already been tested in Tehran, and that it can provide a "smart analysis" with a 98% accuracy rate in about 15 seconds.

Anchor: "Iran has developed smart technology that is capable of diagnosing infection with COVID-19. Experts have started making use of artificial intelligence and CT scans to do the testing."


Ghanbar Naderi – Reporter: "It's a new technology that can help diagnose coronavirus infection with the help of artificial intelligence and CT scans, and it has been developed in Iran. Speaking to Press TV, the brains behind this smart technology – Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] said it was produced at science-based enterprises – opening up a new perspective for high precision diagnosis of the coronavirus disease."

IRGC Brigadier General Ahmad Abdollahi: "We have launched this coronavirus AI solution that helps frontline healthcare workers detect and monitor the disease efficiently. Imaging departments in healthcare facilities will now have some of the burden removed and the backlog created by the virus will be eased. The solution improves CT diagnosis speed and is 100% accurate at diagnosing the virus in a matter of seconds."

Iranian Scientist: "This system was trained on images and data from confirmed coronavirus cases and has already been tested in this hospital in Teheran. Many healthcare facilities will soon employ this AI. This system can generate smart analysis results in around 15 seconds with an accuracy rate above 98%."

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