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Dec 16, 2020
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Iranian President Rouhani: We Are Not Excited About Biden But Are Happy to See Trump Go; Our Military And Nuclear Capabilities Are Much More Advanced Than In 2015

#8539 | 03:06
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a December 16, 2020 address that aired on IRINN TV (Iran) that Iran is very happy that U.S. President Donald Trump is leaving office. He said that President Trump is a criminal, a murderer, and a terrorist, and that the incoming Biden administration will be able to abide by the law and make different decisions. In addition, President Rouhani said that Iran’s military and defensive capabilities have advanced severalfold since 2015, including in the fields of nuclear science, missiles, and air defense.


Hassan Rouhani: "The military and defensive capabilities that we have today cannot be compared to [what we had in] 2015. We have the most modern air defense system. We have the best battle ships. We have the best missile system. This is different from 2015. Our capabilities have grown severalfold in every aspect. You are right, our capabilities have changed, even in the nuclear field. Back then, we only had one or two kinds of centrifuges. We had IR-1 centrifuges, and some IR-2 centrifuges, and the IR-4 centrifuges were just at the beginning of their way. Things are different today. We have IR-8 and IR-6 centrifuges. Our circumstances have changed. Today, we are stronger and more capable than ever.




"Over the past three years, we have demonstrated that no amount of pressure can break our people, and that no power can take us off our course.




"We are announcing to the Iranian people that if there is any pressure today, it is caused by the arrogant [people] who sadly will still [be around] for the next few weeks... During this time, these [people] have felt no obligation to anything. The most rogue President... America's greatest lawbreaker became President, and thank God, these are his last days [in office]. Some people say that we are very excited for Mr. Biden to take office. No, we are not excited about Mr. Biden, but we are very happy that Trump is leaving office. He is a man who has perpetrated so many crimes — he was a murderer and a terrorist, and he doesn't even have any mercy when it comes to our [coronavirus] vaccines. If we want to obtain vaccines, he places obstacles in our way. This is how far removed he is from the principles of morality and humanity.




"A [President] who felt no obligation to anything is being removed [from office]. Yes, we are very happy. However, the incoming American administration knows: The path is open.



"If this [administration] chooses the right path, it will make a difference. If it chooses the wrong path, it will also make a difference. We hope that it is clear to Mr. Biden's new administration that the American people voted for abiding by the law rather than violating it."

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