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Jun 24, 2020
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: The U.S. Should Repent, Apologize, Recommit To The JCPOA, And Compensate Iran For Leaving The JCPOA

#8092 | 03:49

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a June 24, 2020 cabinet meeting that aired on IRINN TV (Iran) that Israel and the United States are applying pressure to the IAEA, that he worries that these "crooks" will "contaminate" it by diverting it from its legal course, and that the European countries and the IAEA should not submit to the pressure. He said that Iran is willing to fully cooperate with the IAEA within the framework of the law and the regulations. President Rouhani added that Iran is ready for the moment that America repents, returns to the law, and recommits to its JCPOA obligations. He continued to say that the U.S. should pay compensations and fix the damage it has caused to the Iranian nation. He said: "They are the ones who created the problem [and] broke the negotiations table."

Hassan Rouhani: "My last point is a warning to the European countries and the IAEA. Our approach [so far] towards the IAEA has been friendly and legal. We have always cooperated. The IAEA inspectors have been here daily. They have inspected whatever sites they wanted, and they have prepared their reports. Recently and unfortunately, the Zionist and American regimes have applied pressure to the IAEA and I am worried that these crooks will contaminate the IAEA. The IAEA is a body that needs to make accurate, fair, and correct judgments.


"The Zionist regime and America are pressuring the IAEA to go make inspections and find something that is from 20 or 18 years ago and it is something that is not important. They are cheating and diverting the IAEA from its course. If we want, we can easily respond with determination at any time, but our principle has always been to cooperate with the IAEA. Even today, we are maintaining this basis of cooperation. However, the IAEA must pay attention and be careful not to veer off its legal course.


"Russia, China, and some other countries have acted very well, and in a determined and legal fashion, and they haven't surrendered to America's pressure. We expect that [the European countries] will also not submit to America's pressure and [we hope] that the IAEA will be able to maintain its independence. This new 'mister' that has come to the IAEA, [Director General Rafael Grossi], should know that the IAEA's honor is very important for international order and this needs to be preserved. We are willing to help them do this. I say this here: As in the past, Iran is ready to accept the legal supervision of the IAEA and cooperate with it closely, of course within the framework of the law and regulations.


"The moment America says it has returned to the law and to the U.N. regulations, and the moment it announces that it is returning to its JCPOA obligations, and that Congress and the White House are determined to repent and return to the 5+1 - the moment this happens, we are ready.


"They need to submit to the law, to apologize, to fix the damage they have done to the Iranian nation, to pay compensations, and to operate within the framework of the law. Nobody has a problem with this. We have no problem with this. They are the ones who created the problem. They are the ones who broke the negotiations table."

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