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Nov 08, 2004
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Iranian Islamic Student Union Conference on "The World Without America"

#349 | 01:56
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

The following are excerpts from the "World without America" conference held by the Islamic Union of Students in Iran:

Presenter: The Iranian students discussed "The World without America" in a conference.

A number of "The World without America" conferences were held in Tehran today in the presence of 1,000 students from the Islamic Student Union throughout Iran.

Head of the Iranian Islamic Students Union, Hamid Aqaii:The students and the union's goal in convening these conferences is to clarify what is going to happen in the near future. We believe that according to the prediction of the late Imam (Khomeini) and the honorable leader (Khamenei), signs of the decline and fall of America have begun to appear, and we see these signs in the fields of culture, economy, and society. Our third generation (since the revolution) is made up of these dear students. Allah willing, they will be the generation of the future, and a generation that will build the future in Islamic Iran and the world, and they must be made aware of what is going to happen in the future.

Presenter: The "World without America" conference emphasized that if Islamic countries want a world without America, they must be politically and economically self-sufficient and they must cherish revolutionary Islam.

'Ali Larijani, Supreme Council for National Security: As the nations (of the world) reach intellectual growth, political and economic independence, they will thwart America. When the Americans stop behaving like the masters of the world, then once again it will be possible to imagine a peaceful world.

Mohammad Baqer Zol Qadr, Deputy Chief of the Revolutionary Guards: When we talk about the world without America, we mean a world governed by peace and justice, and in which there will be no sign of insecurity, troop movements, and attacking other nations. Unfortunately, today America is the symbol of these deficiencies and distortions.

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