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Jul 05, 2020
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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif To Iranian Majles: You Call Me A Liar And Belittle Me, But Khamenei Has Praised Me; You Criticize Me, But We Are All In The Same Boat Against America, Israel

#8122 | 03:56
Source: The Internet - "akharinkhabar.ir"

On July 5, 2020, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke before the Iranian Majles. In an exchange of raised voices, Zarif said that he is humbly coming before the representatives of the Iranian people even though they belittle him, insult him, and call him a liar, and even though Supreme Leader Khamenei has said he is brave, revolutionary, and sincere. One of the Majles members shouted at him: "We don't like hearing lies!" Zarif's remarks were interrupted by shouts and criticism several times. He said that he used to meet and coordinate on a weekly basis with IRGC Qods Force Commander Qasem Soleimani, who was killed in a U.S. airstrike in January 2020, and he warned the Majles: "We are all in the same boat... America does not distinguish between liberals, reformists, conservatives, revolutionaries, and non-revolutionaries, [and Israel] opposes Iran in its entirety." The video was uploaded to the Iranian website akharinkhabar.ir."

Mohammad Javad Zarif: "The honorable Leader [Khamenei] said that if you had also read the reports from my meetings and seen the way I have acted towards the other side, then you would also see me as a brave, revolutionary, and sincere person. My friends, what you said is not what happened. I have never taken our internal issues outside... Friends, friends... Friends!

Crowd: "That's enough, Mr. Zarif."

Moderator: "Gentlemen, if you allow me... Please maintain order..."


Zarif: "Everything I have said was heard by the honorable Leader. If I lied – he heard [it], and he is the one who said I am sincere. If I was right – he heard, and he is the one who said I am brave. If I lied, he heard... "


Moderator: "Mr. Zarif, please."

Zarif: "Apparently our friends don't want to hear what I have to say..."

Crowd: "We don't like hearing lies!"


Zarif: "We must use every means at our disposal to help the livelihood of the public and to help Iran's national capabilities. Say what you will, but I had a meeting with the martyr [Qasem] Soleimani every week. Every week, we would coordinate. In our regional discussions, everything we did was coordinated. Those who knew the martyr Soleimani – those who were close to him – and those who are close to [Hizbullah leader] Hassan Nasrallah, and to the resistance in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine... These people know what our relationship was. You don't.


"With the utmost humility, I bring myself before the nation's representatives and willingly accept the talk and the insults. You have called me a lowlife, while [Khamenei] has said I was brave. You have called me a liar, while [Khamenei] has said I am sincere. I am nonetheless obligated to hear you out, since you are the representatives of the great nation of Iran! I must do it willingly, and I must thank you. I thank you for your criticism, even though you belittle me. But know this: We are all in the same boat, together. America does not distinguish between liberals, reformists, conservatives, revolutionaries, and non-revolutionaries. The Zionist regime does not distinguish between reformists and conservatives. The Zionist regime opposes Iran in its entirety, and it opposes Iran's territorial integrity.


"The JCPOA was forced upon America. Allah willing, history and the future will show this. The JCPOA is a certificate of honor for Iran and it will remain this way. Allah willing, it will be written in this country's history books."

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