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Dec 27, 2004
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Iranian Cleric Hasan Al-Kashmiri: Jordanian King Abdallah Is A "Mouse," "Vagabond," "Ostrich," and Not Jordanian

#444 | 01:35
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

The folliowing are excerpts from an interview with Iranian cleric Hojjat al-Islam Hasan Al-Kashmiri:

Al-Kashmiri: I have no complaints towards the Jordanian king. He is in a crisis, first and foremost with his family. He is also in a crisis with his people. The reality in Jordan is that the regime is tyrannical and the people is rebellious. Yesterday he dismissed his brother, whom his father, King Hussein, had decreed should be Crown Prince. He is in crisis with his uncle, in another crisis with his brother, in yet another crisis with his people, and he is in the greatest crisis with himself and with his conscience. Towards Israel he acts like a vagabond or a mouse. Frankly, he pretends to be a lion, but in war he is an ostrich. Brother, Israel… If he whined about the Sunni brothers in Iraq, why isn't he whining about the Palestinian people, which was sold out by his great grandfather, King Abdullah. He is the one who sold out Palestine and Arab honor to Israel.

Host: I don't want us to talk about anyone specifically...

Al Kashmiri: The Jordanian king is, in fact, in a crisis with himself. He is not Jordanian at all. Britain brought him from the Hijaz. He has English maternal uncles, and "a maternal uncle is like a parent” [genetically]. Even the Jordanian people consider him a foreign element.

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