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Jan 08, 2023
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Iranian-Canadian Activist Hamed Esmaeilion At Ceremony Commemorating Ukrainian Flight Downed By The IRGC: We Live For A Day Without The Islamic Republic And Without The Criminals Who Ruin Beautiful Iran

#10070 | 03:20
Source: Online Platforms - "PS752Justice on YouTube"

On January 8, 2023, a memorial ceremony marking three years since the IRGC shot down Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 was held in Toronto by the Association of Victims' Families of Flight PS752. At the event, the association's founder Hamed Esmaeilion, whose wife and daughter had been aboard Flight 752, said that the Islamic Republic is a "mafia gang" and a "tyrannical state that produces nothing but terrorism, repression, and injustice." He said that the Islamic Republic does not represent the Iranian people, and he spoke about the death of Jina (Mahsa) Amini and of protestors killed and executed by the Iranian regime. In addition, he expressed hope that Iran will face justice in the ICJ, and he said that the families of the victims live for a day of freedom and justice in a democratic Iran in which women and girls can decide for themselves what they wear. He added: "We live for a day without the Islamic Republic and [without] the criminals who ruin that beautiful country." The event was also attended by Mayor of Toronto John Tory, and videos from the ceremony were posted to the association's YouTube account.

Hamed Esmaeilion: "Three years have passed that seem to us like a lifetime. It took a long time for everyone to understand that the Islamic Republic regime is nothing but a mafia gang, a tyrannical state that produces nothing but terrorism, repression, and injustice. The world must understand that they have no place in the international community and most importantly, they do not represent the great people of Iran.


"It need not have taken forty-four years of endless crimes for the world to learn that somewhere in the Middle East, instead of a free and democratic country, a gang of murderous thugs are ruling over their people. When Mahsa Amini was murdered, Iran and its people rose to voice the grief and rage that has been burning in them for forty-four years. Since then, over 500 more innocent lives have been taken by the regime to prove that Mahsa Amini's death was an accident. Thousands more are suffering unbearable, inhumane conditions in prisons throughout Iran. Four young men have been executed for blocking traffic in protests and burning garbage containers on the streets. Many more are facing imminent execution for similar acts of defiance that are labeled by the regime as corruption unearthed.


"We thank the governments of the four affected countries Canada, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Sweden who have helped to pave the way to bringing the criminals to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. We know all too well how difficult and complex this legal process is, but we remain confident that on June 28, 2023, this fight will be opened in the head court, and the rotting Islamic Republic regime will face justice.


"Three years have passed and we are still alive — alive and fighting. We live for a dream of freedom and justice in Iran. We live to see the day that Iran's children will grow up in a safe peaceful country and every Iranian can enjoy prosperity in a free and democratic Iran. We live for a day that the women and girls are free to decide how they live, what they wear, and where to travel to. We live for the day that those behind so many horrendous crimes will be tried in a free and fair court of law. We live for the day that freedom, social justice, equality, and respect for the environment become the real aspirations of our people and the day that we continue to live for is one without the Islamic Republic and the criminals who rule that beautiful country."

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