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Sep 29, 2020
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Iranian Academic Mahmoud Anousheh: Corruption Should Be Fought from the Top Down; Our People Should Not Be Paying the Price of Bad Economic Policies

#8336 | 03:30
Source: Channel 3 (Iran)

Iranian author, researcher, and university lecturer Mahmoud Anousheh said in a September 29, 2020 interview on Channel 3 (Iran) that the Iranian people should not be the ones paying the price of poor economic policies and that the proper way to fight corruption is from the top down. The host of the show, Peydan Talebi, said that Iran’s officials belong in the toilet if they cannot take care of the people.

Mahmoud Anousheh: “I turn to the s-e-n-i-o-r officials of the Islamic Republic, and to the heads of the three branches (of government). The poverty line is currently at 10 million toman.”

Mr. Talebi: “Well said!”

Mahmoud Anousheh: “There are 3,000 seats and sensitive positions in the country’s three branches. Three thousand, Mr. Talebi!”

Mr. Talebi: “Yes.”

Mahmoud Anousheh: “And they call the shots. We sacrificed 219,000 martyrs (in the Iran-Iraq War), Mr. Talebi. 219,000 martyrs, divided by the 3,000 seats that hold senior positions – that’s 73. Dear Mr. Talebi, for every seat, we sacrificed 73 martyrs.”


Mahmoud Anousheh: “What have we done to make the poverty line 10 million toman?”

Mr. Talebi: “And the salary of the laborer…”

Mahmoud Anousheh: “If you tell me to be patient, I will humbly comply. Making do with less? I will humbly comply. My people have shown the utmost patience, and have made do with less. Is my nation supposed to pay more than that because of wrong economic policies?”

Mr. Talebi: “Well done, sir, for speaking the mind of the public. I have also wanted to say this. The people have had enough of making do with less, like you said. How many times can a person tell his child ‘Don’t wear (new clothes) – make do with these (old) shoes and clothes,” when he had been wearing the same shoes for three years? I’m glad that you addressed this aspect as well. I wanted to voice a small disagreement… As much as the WC system – Winston Churchill’s system – was a good thing… In fact, some of our senior officials, if they couldn’t take care of the public, they themselves belong in the WC (toilet).”

Mahmoud Anousheh: “Mr. Taleb, I respect those who were nominated and who have filled these seats. I respect them, because I think there is reason behind this, but I cannot accept that my people are paying the price of wrong economic policies. How much longer?”

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