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Feb 07, 2023
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Iran Unveils Underground Airbase; Chief-Of-Staff Mohammad Bagheri: If Iran Is Attacked From Any Country's Soil, We Will Retaliate Against Both That Country and Israel

#10107 | 02:44
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

On February 7, 2023, IRINN TV (Iran) aired a report about Iran's recent unveiling of Oghab-44 Base, an underground "tactical" airbase. According to the report, the base houses fighter jets armed with different types of cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs that can reach targets deep inside enemy territory. The reporter explained that the base and the planes it houses are protected from American bunker buster bombs. He also said that there are dozens of bases of this type and that they can store several month's-worth of fuel and ammunition for the jets. General Mohammad Bagheri, the Chief-of-Staff of Iran's Armed Forces, warned that if Iran is targeted from the soil of any country, that country "will be heavily attacked along with the Zionist regime." General Hamid Vahedi, the commander of the Iran Army Air Force, also spoke about the Assef cruise missile and said that it was developed in order to avoid detection by enemy radar and that its warheads carry a heavy payload that can destroy heavy fortifications.

Narrator: "This is the roaring voice from the heart of the mountain."

Reporter: "The army of Iran's Islamic Republic has allowed our Broadcasting Authority to make a report about one of the tactical air force bases, which is located several hundreds of meters underground. The fighter jets in this base are armed with different types of cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs, so they can attack their targets in enemy territory."

Narrator: "The reason these squadrons are based in the heart of the Iranian mountains – and our national media outlet is only allowed to show parts of them for security reasons – is to provide non-active defenses against the bunker-buster bombs of America's strategic bombers. Even if they managed to bypass our air-defenses, no bunker-buster bomb can thwart the operations of these underground bases. If required, this tactical base can store several months' worth of fuel and ammunition for the fighter jets on site, so they can carry out their missions.


"One of the munitions is the Assef cruise missile"

General Hamid Vahedi: "In order to keep out airplanes from being detected by enemy radar, this missile was developed. This missile was planned with a warhead that has a very large explosive charge, in order to destroy heavy fortifications."

Narrator: "This missile is the Iranian weapon of the Sukhoi Su-24 airplane. We were not allowed to publish more information about the range of this missile. These planes, which are located in another base, can fly for 4,000 km, with the help of aerial refueling. The army's commander-in-chief accompanies the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces in his visit to the base."

General Mohammad Bagheri: "If any country in the neighborhood – or anywhere, for that matter – is used in order to attack the Islamic republic, it will be heavily attacked along with the Zionist regime."

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