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Jan 08, 2021
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Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei: U.S. And British COVID-19 Vaccines Are Banned From Entering Iran; U.S. Return To The JCPOA Without Lifting The Sanctions Would Be to Our Detriment

#8603 | 02:40
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered a public address, in which he said that the U.S. and British Covid-19 vaccines are banned from entering Iran aired on Iran's Channel 1 on January 8, 2021. He asked why the U.S. would supply the vaccine to Iran while it has had 4,000 COVID-19 deaths in a day. He said: "They should use it themselves." Khamenei added that the enemy must take Iran’s force into consideration when making military decisions. He stated that Iran will not insist that America returns to the JCPOA, and if America returns without lifting the sanctions this would be detrimental to Iran.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: "It is the duty of the regime of the Islamic Republic to act in a way that will strengthen our allies and supporters in the region. It is our duty.


"Today, our defensive forces require our enemies to take Iran's capabilities into consideration. When a missile by the Islamic Republic can down a transgressing American bird that enters the Iranian airspace, or at a time when the Iranian missiles can crush the Ayn Al-Assad airbase, the enemy must take Iran's force into consideration, when making military decisions.


"People are discussing whether the U.S. is returning to the JCPOA or not. We do not insist, nor are we in a hurry, that America returns to the JCPOA. No, America's return to the JCPOA is not our problem. Our reasonable and educated demand is that the sanctions are lifted.


"If the sanctions are not lifted, America's return to the JCPOA could even be to our detriment.


"American and British vaccines are prohibited from entering Iran. I said this to the officials and now I am saying it to the public as well. Had the Americans managed to create a vaccine, the COVID-19 fiasco would not have happened in their country. A few days ago they had 4,000 casualties in 24 hours. If they know how to make vaccines, if their Pfizer factory can make vaccines, why do they want to give it to us? They should use it on themselves, so that they do not have so many casualties. The same goes for England."

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