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Mar 01, 2021
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Iranian President Rouhani: U.S. And The World Will Kneel Before Iran And Lift Sanctions; Failure Of Maximum Pressure Policy - The Iranians' Greatest Success in History

#8723 | 01:11
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that America and the world would have to kneel before the “great nation” of Iran and they would be forced to give up their “oppressive” sanctions. President Rouhani made his remarks during a public address that was aired on IRINN TV (Iran) on March 1, 2021. President Rouhani added that the fact that the “murderous butcher in America,” referring to former U.S. President Trump, was toppled is a great victory for Iran. He continued to say that the new Biden administration has acknowledged that the maximum pressure policy was a mistake and a failure. President Rouhani said that the fact that those who imposed the sanctions have admitted to the failure of this policy is Iran’s “greatest success in history”.

President Hassan Rouhani: "America and the world will have to kneel before our great nation and give up on their oppressive sanctions. Indeed, we have moved a step forward and achieved a great victory: That murderous butcher in America [Trump] was toppled, and the current administration has acknowledged, four times so far, that the maximum pressure [policy] of the previous administration had been a mistake, and had failed to achieve the desired result. This is our greatest success in history: The people who imposed sanctions on us are fully admitting now that due to the steadfastness of our people, the sanctions and the pressure have led nowhere."

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