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Oct 19, 2023
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Iranian Journalist Ali-Akbar Abdolalizadeh: One Of The Greatest Genocides In History Is The Massacring Of Iranians By Esther; Jews Were Responsible For Massacring Native Americans, Blacks, And Irish; The Holocaust – A Big Lie

#10571 | 01:50
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Iranian journalist Ali-Akbar Abdolalizadeh, a member of the Jam-e Jam editorial board, discussed on an October 19, 2023 show on Ofogh TV (Iran) the history of the "extremist Jewish movement," which he claimed has led to massacres throughout history. He said that the Jews have historically created a "vicious cycle" of "exerting pressure, massacre, and feigning suffering," which leads to the permission to commit genocide. Abdolalizadeh gave the examples of the Biblical story of Esther and the Holocaust, which he called a "big lie." He also said that the movement that conquered America and massacred Native Americans, blacks, and the Irish had "footprints of Judaism."

Ali-Akbar Abdolalizadeh: "The historical hatred of the Zionist movement towards Iranian civilization is a thousand years old. There are some very clear examples of that. When you go over the stories and the historical events, the most prominent story is that of the strife caused by Esther. She got closer to the king ­– by virtue of being his wife – and this proximity led to one of the greatest genocides in history.


"Every time this extremist scheming Jewish movement became close to the rulers anywhere in the world, it led to a massacre. The footprints of Judaism can be found in the movement that conquered America, massacred the red-skinned [natives], massacred the blacks, massacred the Irish... These are all footprints of the same idea.


"This has been the method of the Zionists throughout history: Exerting pressure, massacre, and feigning suffering, which leads to a permission to commit genocide. This has been a vicious cycle. It happened in the story of Esther. With regard to the famous Holocaust of World War II – the very same method was used.

"First of all, the [Holocaust] is a big lie, and it has become a symbol of falsehood and victimhood. They have used it to occupy lands that had nothing to do with what happened in World War II, and to massacre those who had nothing to do with atrocities that the Jews suffered."

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