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Jul 02, 2021
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Iranian General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh: The U.S. Was Never Iran's Friend – It Was, And Will Remain, Our Enemy; We Can Bring On A Day When Iran Imposes Sanctions On The U.S.

#8954 | 01:45
Source: Noor TV (Iran)

Iranian General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC Aerospace Corps, said that the U.S. has never been the friend of Iran and that it has been its enemy and will remain an enemy. He made his remarks in a public address that was delivered on Noor TV (Iran) on July 2, 2021. General Hajizadeh went on to say that the enemy does not have the power to stop Iran's "regional power" because Iran is self-sufficient. He said that Iran can "bring the day" when it imposes sanctions on them, if it chooses to do so. General Hajizadeh spoke at the annual memorial service for casualties of the IRGC's bomb squad in Syria.

Amir-Ali Hajizadeh: "American has never been our friend. It was, is, and forever will be our enemy, because our interests do not intertwine. The late Imam [Khomeini] said that the relations between Iran and the U.S. are like the relations between a wolf and a sheep. They will never be normalized. You should take a look. We do not want to be at war with anybody, but we need to make sure that our country's interests are not being tied to the claim that our problems must be resolved through America. No!

"With regard to the important defense issues, we are self-sufficient and do not depend on anybody. There are people who say how come and how much... Here too, look at what the enemy is saying. The enemy should be saying: After the JCPOA we should negotiate the following issues... We should negotiate Iran's regional presence... If the enemy had had the power and the ability to stop these things, it would have done so. Why is the enemy begging us? Wherever the enemy can stop us rather than beg, it does so. In this case, it cannot, because everything has become Iranian-made. We can bring the day when we impose sanctions on them, if we want to. We don't really know how to do those dirty things, but I'd like to say that we can obtain this power."

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