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Jun 16, 2023
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Friday Sermon In Azandarian, Iran By Mohammad-Taghi Seifi: Saudi Arabia, Once America's Milk Cow, Is Now Kicking Them; It Is Not Enough – They Should Punch The U.S. In The Face

#10353 | 00:58
Source: Hamedan TV (Iran)

In a Friday, June 16, 2023 sermon delivered in Azandarian, Iran that was aired on Hamedan TV (Iran), Mohammad-Taghi Seifi said that America had been using the Saudis as a milk cow, but now the cow has kicked them. Seifi continued to say that kicking America is not enough, and the Saudis should punch the U.S. in the face like Iran has.

Mohammad-Taghi Seifi: "[Some countries] have broken away from the U.S., and turned to countries like China, Russia, and Iran. They consider Iran to be a superpower. How far have we come to get to this point?


"Even Saudi Arabia has now realized that America has been using it to serve its own interest. Therefore, [the Saudis] are breaking away from the U.S. Saudi Arabia used to be America's milk cow, but now it is kicking America. No, kicking is not good enough. It should punch America in the face. The Islamic Republic has done this with success."

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