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Sep 19, 2012
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Int'l Arbitration Attorney from Egypt Tareq Hamed: The Jews Helped Hitler with the Gas Chambers, Killed US Ambassador to Libya

#3604 | 01:59
Source: Al-Khalijiyya TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Tareq Hamed, an international arbitrator from Egypt, which aired on Al-Khalijiyya TV on September 19, 2012.

Tareq Hamed: The killing of US ambassador to Libya was done at the urging of the Jews. They sent people to kill him. The reason is that when this ambassador reached Libya... By the way, that ambassador spoke Arabic, loved the Arabs, loved the Muslims, and went there to do actual work. He developed friendly relations between Libya and the US, planning projects and development for the Libyans.

They opposed this. This is the Jewish mentality.


Interviewer: Israel received millions and millions from Germany because of the Holocaust, or the gas chambers.

Tareq Hamed: Which they themselves did in order to get their own country... Something must be said for the sake of history, so that people will know. Everyone is saying one thing, while the truth is completely different.

The Jews themselves greatly helped Hitler with the gas chambers, at the urging of England, because the Jews at that time were scattered and wanted a country. Something big had to happen to generate the world's sympathy towards them. The Jews were expelled from all countries, so this had to be done, so that the international community would decide to establish their state.

Before colonialism was over, their country was founded in Palestine, on the basis of that Holocaust, which was fabricated, and in which only a few died – not a lot of people, like they claim. All the compensations they got...

Interviewer: They say 3 million were killed.

Tareq Hamed: The Jews in the whole world numbered 2.5 million back then, so how could 3 million have been burned?


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