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Jul 21, 2022
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Indonesia-Based Islamic Scholar Dr. Quds Al-Samaraai: Allah Likened The Jews To Apes And Pigs To Teach Us That Only Force Is Effective Against Them

#9714 | 02:13
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

In a July 21, 2022 show on the Arab language Muslim-Brotherhood-affiliated Channel 9 (Turkey), Dr. Quds Al-Samaraai, an Islamic scholar who heads the International Center for Islamic Da'wah in Indonesia, spoke about Israel's official apology for an Israeli journalist having snuck into the Islamic holy city of Mecca, in violation of a ban of non-Muslims, on July 18, 2022. Dr. Al-Samaraai said that it must be assumed that Israel's apology was made in bad faith because Allah has taught the Muslims in the Quran that the Jews and the Zionists cannot be trusted. He explained that the Quran compares Jews to apes and pigs, in order to teach Muslims that only force is effective against the Jews, and he elaborated that employing diplomatic and political means against Israel and the Jews is futile. Rather, Dr. Al-Samaraai said that the Islamic nations will only consider accepting Israel's apology when the Israelis leave every "last inch" of Palestinian land and compensate the Palestinians financially. He added: "What was taken by force will be regained only by force."

Dr. Quds Al-Samaraai: "When will the Islamic nations accept an apology from [Israel]? When the last Israeli leaves Palestine. Do whatever you want. Personally, I see [Israel's apology for an Israeli journalist sneaking into Mecca]... The principle with regard to the Israelites is to assume bad faith. We cannot interpret this apology as an act of good faith. The principle in their case is to assume that they are acting in bad faith.


"When will we accept these apologies? When they leave the last inch of Palestinian land, pay reparations, and apologize to us — only then will we consider this issue.


"Anyone who wants to learn about the history of Israel — especially of the Zionists — should read the holy Quran, and see how many violations they committed towards Allah.


"These [Israelites] are the descendants of those ancestors.


"[Allah] has shown us an example in the holy Quran by likening them to two animals: apes and pigs. Allah has likened them to apes and pigs. Why? Because Allah wanted to tell us that those Israelites have certain characteristics and would not obey you unless you use two things... First, you cannot tame apes and pigs unless you use force.

"It is as if Allah is saying to us: If you want to restore what is rightly yours, employing diplomatic and political means with them is futile. What was taken by force will be regained only by force."

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