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Jul 02, 2009
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Imam in Sweden: If We Lined the Jews Up in One Row and Spat on Them, They Would Faint

#2239 | 02:12
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Following is an excerpt from an Al-Arabiya TV report on Islam in Sweden, which aired on July 2, 2009. The translation is based on the Arabic subtitles.

Swedish-speaking preacher: We Muslims number one billion. In every continent, there are Muslims. There are Muslims everywhere in the world. The most popular name in the world is Muhammad. One billion Muslims. The prophet Muhammad likened our nation to a body – if one part is injured, the others are affected. If you get a headache, your foot will ache too.

Despite this, our blood is the cheapest in the world. Many of you have not heard about the catastrophes, about the crimes, the rapes, the robbery, the homes being destroyed, about children being killed in front of their mothers, about a father blowing himself up with his children, because he cannot bear the shame of his wife being raped in front of him. Such things occur in Palestine, in Kashmir, in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, and in Iraq.

The catastrophes of Islam are numerous. Islam is the most humiliated [religion] in the world. Nobody listens to us, and nobody cares. There are one billion of us. How many Jews are there? Does anyone know? About 15 million. 15 million humiliate 1,000 million. This is a farce. If we were to line the Jews up in one row and spit on them, they would faint [the Arabic subtitle reads: drown]. But because we don't do this, and we remain the way we are, they call us terrorists.

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