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Apr 12, 2024
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Dearborn, Michigan Imam Hassan Qazwini, Who Has Claimed ISIS Is Arm Of Zionism, Praised Houthis, And Endorsed Bernie Sanders 'Even Though He Is A Jew': I Unequivocally Condemn The 'Death To America' Chants By A 'Bogus Individual' Who Doesn't Represent Our Community; This Was A Gift To The Zionists, Fox News

#11034 | 02:52
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Institute of America on YouTube"

In a Friday, April 12, 2024 sermon at the Islamic Institute of America in Dearborn Heights, Michigan Imam Hassan Qazwini said that he "unequivocally" condemns the April 5 incident in which a protestor chanted "Death to America" at an International Quds Day rally (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 11004). Qazwini said that this was a "gift" for the Zionists and right-wing media, who celebrated these chants and used them to label Muslims in the United States as anti-American. Qazwini also said that the person who chanted at the rally was a "bogus individual" who did not represent the Dearborn community. The sermon was streamed live on the YouTube channel of the Islamic Institute of America.

In 2015, Qazwini said in a speech in Detroit, Michigan, that the Islamic State (ISIS) is the arm of the Zionists in the Muslim world that serves to kill Muslims, defame Islam, and alienate people from Islam. He said that the Zionists and the Zionist regime benefit more than anybody else from the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS (see MEMRI TV Clip 7192). In 2016, he said of Bernie Sanders: "[He] is an honorable man – I truly consider him an honorable man, even though he is a Jew" (see MEMRI TV Clip 5710). In 2019, Qazwini praised the Yemeni-Houthis for their attack on Saudi oil fields (see MEMRI TV Clip 7508). For more about Hassan Qazwini, see MEMRI TV clips 9388, 7241, and 5644.

Hassan Qazwini: "I unequivocally condemn this chant again – to say 'Death to America'. That is something wrong and should not have been said. By the way, my dear brothers and sisters, when this chant was given, do you know who was celebrating and was so excited to hear that? The Zionists. There were so happy to hear someone who calls himself Muslim chanting 'Death to America'. This came as a gift to them. Look at Muslims, we told you they hate Israel, now they tell you they hate America. They were celebrating, it was Eid for Fox News, my dear brothers and sisters. It was Eid for the right-wing conservative media.

"We Should Not Give Any Opportunity... To Question Our Loyalty And Our Integrity In This Country"

"It was one person only who does not in any form or shape represent the community. But look how the media labeled us all as anti-American, and they called Dearborn the capital of jihad. Why? Because one out of 100,000 people, the residents of Dearborn only, said something.


"We should not give any opportunity to any individual to use anything against our community, to backstab us, and to question our loyalty and our integrity in this country. We should not allow this to happen again my dear brothers and sisters.

"I am very clear now, if the non-Muslim media wants to quote me, I am very clear, whoever the guy was who chanted 'Death to America' – that person does not represent our community. We did find out that the man doesn't represent our community. He is not even a member of our community. A bogus individual, who inserted himself, and who chanted when the vast majority of the attendees at the protest were against it, and they did not approve it. Only a handful of people repeated the chant."

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