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May 17, 2023
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Lebanese Hizbullah Video Promotes Upcoming 'Public Military Drill' Simulating Raid On Israeli Military Base, Will Be Covered By Local And International Media

#10298 | 00:44
Source: Online Platforms - "the Lebanon News and Updates on Twitter "

On May 17, 2023, the Lebanon News and Updates account on Twitter shared a video promoting an upcoming Hizbullah "public military drill". According to the post, the drill will simulate a raid on an Israeli military base, and it will be covered by local and international media. In the video, a narrator said in Hebrew: "Your temporary entity is weaker than a spider web. You will disappear… The resistance is lying in wait [in] places unknown to you."

Fighter: "Your temporary entity is weaker than a spider web. You will disappear, whereas Palestine will remain Arab and dear to its sons. The resistance is lying in wait, in full strength, in places unknown to you. Allah akbar!"

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