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Feb 28, 2022
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Hizbullah MP Mohammad Raad: We Would Rather Leave Natural Gas Underwater Than Share It With Israel, Even If It Could Pay Our Debts

#9408 | 01:21
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Hizbullah MP Mohammad Raad, the leader of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc in the Lebanese parliament, said in a February 28, 2022 interview on OTV (Lebanon) that it would be better to leave the natural gas off the shores of Lebanon untouched rather than share it with Israel. Emphasizing that this is the preferable course of action even though extracting the natural gas from the water could pay off Lebanon's debts, he said: "We'd rather leave the gas buried underwater until the day comes when we can prevent the Israelis from touching a single drop of our waters." Raad's statements were made on the backdrop of an ongoing debate in Lebanon about the demarcation of maritime borders with Israel and the sharing of natural gas reserves.

Mohammad Raad: "In order to be able to drill in our territorial waters and extract natural gas that would pay our debts, they tell us that we can drill in the water, but it may turn out that you will need to share the gas field with the Israelis.

"No! We'd rather leave the gas buried underwater, until the day comes when we can prevent the Israelis from touching a single drop of our waters. We are not without capabilities. Let this be known to the enemy and to all the people who are in contact with the enemy — mediators and others.

"The Israelis will not be able to drill for gas in our vicinity so long as we do not drill for gas and benefit from it the way we want."

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