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Feb 12, 2005
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Hizbullah Deputy Leader, Sheik Na'im Qassem: U.S. President Bush Considers Himself God of the World, but His Perversion Is Evident

#547 | 01:17
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Deputy Leader of Hizbullah Sheik Na'im Qassem on Al-Manar TV (Lebanon), February 12, 2005:

Sheik Na'im Qassem: By God let's look at Bush, for example, when he rages, thunders, and considers himself the god of the world. The perversion is evident in his personality, his actions, and his logic. He is patronizing, and everybody abhors him. He is arrogant and doesn’t consider anyone else in this world. He is a liar who tries to impose heresy on Islam, on obedience to Allah, and on the path of righteousness, using evil and despicable means - aggression and occupation.

Do I really have to give you lessons about Bush? By God, it's not necessary. If we have a poll - I don't want the adults, who know what's going on, let's ask only small children – we will ask them: How would you classify Bush? They would say immediately: with the criminals. How would you classify Sharon? With the criminals.

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