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Aug 23, 2004
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Hizbullah Chief Nabil Qawuq: We Support the Iraqi Resistance in Its Right to Oust the Occupier

#216 | 01:01
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

The following are statements by Sheik Nabil Qawuq, Hizbullah chief in southern Lebanon:

Sheik Nabil Qawuq: The issue of defending Jerusalem and the issue of defending Najaf pertain to the nation in its entirety, to all Muslims and Christians, to all the Sunni, Shiites, and Druze. The nation in its entirety is raging today over what is happening in Najaf. The occupiers should be wary of an increase in the nation's rage. This nation will not keep silent over the desecration of its honor. This nation will not keep silent over the desecration of its holy places, whatever the price may be. Hizbullah is a part of this nation. Hizbullah is, indeed, a true supporter of the Iraqi people's right to oust the occupier.

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