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Apr 14, 2023
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Hamas Representative In Iran Khalid Qadoomi: Israel Is Like Frankenstein's Monster, Built To Serve Western Superpowers' Evil Whims

#10243 | 01:58
Source: Online Platforms - "Ahlelbait TV channel on YouTube "

Hamas's representative in Iran Khalid Qadoomi said in an April 14, 2023 English-language video address for the Bait-ul-Muqadas International Conference that Israel is a Western "project" that resembles a Frankenstein monster being used to implement the West's evil whims. He said that this "evil creature" has become a "burden" to the West, and he explained that this is the reason that the West supports Israeli political parties opposing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and that U.S. President Joe Biden has stated that he will not be receiving Netanyahu at the White House in the near future. The Bait ul-Muqadas International Conference was held in honor of International Al-Quds Day. The video of the address was posted to the Ahlelbait TV channel on YouTube on April 14, 2023, and it was removed from YouTube on April 20.

Khalid Qadoomi: "The existing administration of America announced by Biden that they will not be receiving Netanyahu in the near future. Having said that, we have to remember the bottom line. This is a Western superpower project, so they will not compromise over the integrity of this regime or project.

"But of course they want to reshape this creature, which they have created. As if the actual cultural story of the West, Frankenstein, is embodied by the so-called State of Israel.

"This Frankenstein creature has been created by his master in the West from all the evil powers, from different geographies of the world.

"And it happens that it is used as a tool to implement all evil whims and plans of this Western power whenever it is needed.

"Today, this evil creature is a burden over his master. So the whims and the bad intentions of this Western power, unfortunately, are still there so they wanted to safeguard this evil creature but in a different form. So they might revolt against Netanyahu, and that is what has happened before. They supported some internal politics... [they decided] to support some political parties inside the regime, [which were] previously against Netanyahu."

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