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Apr 02, 2020
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Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar: If Gazans Start Dying from Coronavirus because We Run out of Ventilators, We Will Make Six Million Israeli Settlers Unable to Breathe; This Virus Is Divine Retribution for Trump’s Declaration that Jerusalem Is Capital of Israel

#7913 | 02:52
Source: The Internet - "Shehab News Agency (Hamas)"

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar was interviewed on April 2, 2020, by Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV and Shehab News Agency. Addressing Israeli Minister of Defense Naftali Bennett, Sinwar said that the prophecies in Chapter 17 of the Book of Ezekiel are about to come true for the Zionist entity. He said that Bennett and Israel have a "Merchant of Venice mentality." In addition, Sinwar emphasized that Hamas does not need any aid from Israel during the coronavirus pandemic, and he threatened that Hamas will make six million settlers unable to breathe if Gazans start dying as a result of not having enough ventilators. He also said that the Al-Qassam Brigades have been working day and night towards the liberation of Palestine, and that the coronavirus was sent by God as retribution for the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and because God is not pleased about how things in the world are being run.


Yahya Sinwar: "I would like to use this opportunity to say a couple of words to Zionist Defense Minister [Naftali] Bennett: I refer you to the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 17, to read what awaits you, and what awaits your filthy [Zionist] entity, because the kind of language that you use can be expected only from someone who has a Merchant of Venice mentality. The Merchant of Venice gave people loans, and when the time came and they could not repay their debts, he started to cut off their flesh as payment for the money he had given them. This is the common practice of Bennett, and of the entire Zionist system that has occupied our land. I refer him to the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 17, about what awaits them from this pandemic and from other things. As for the question about whether we need them to give us anything – we don't need anything from the occupation.




"But I say this loud and clear: God forbid, if a time comes when we have no choice but to watch our citizens breathe their final breaths, and when there are no ventilators – I say to Bennet that we will make six million Israeli settlers unable to breathe.




"Umm Muhammad, do not worry about the resistance in Gaza. The whole world is hit by the coronavirus, but the members of the Al-Qassam [Brigades] are working day and night to complete their preparation for the liberation.




"When I saw Trump signing his decision to allocate $2.2 trillion for the coronavirus response, I recalled how he had signed in the same manner his decision to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I said then: You and the Americans will pay the price for this unjust and criminal decision. Today, our Lord, by means of this virus, which cannot be seen by many telescopes and microscopes... This virus can only be seen by a small number of them, but it has entered all the cities of the world, where curfews have been declared, because our Lord is not pleased about the way things in this world are run."


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