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Dec 20, 2016
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Hamas-Affiliated Scholar Bassam Jarrar: The Jews Played a Role in the Economic Collapses of Germany in the 1920's and America in 2008; Allah Turned Them into Apes and Pigs

#5853 | 05:03
Source: The Internet - "A YouTube accound dedicated to Jarrar's lectures"

A virulently antisemitic lecture by pro-Hamas Palestinian scholar Bassam Jarrar was recently posted on a YouTube channel dedicated to his lectures. In the lecture, titled "Why Hitler Burned the Jews and How They Will Come to Their End in 2022," Jarrar finds justifications for the Holocaust, and describes the transformation of the Jews into apes and pigs, according to Islamic tradition. Jarrar says that in the years leading up to Hitler’s rise to power, the “schemes” of the Jews had led to the bankruptcy of German banks. He draws a parallel to the "foul play you saw in America in 2008." He further says that Allah “apparently transformed [the Jews] into chimpanzees, because they are the closest creatures” to humans in their DNA, and that those who were upset about this punishment were then transformed into pigs. “You don't like becoming apes?! We'll turn you into pigs!” he mocked. The video was posted on December 20.

Bassam Jarrar: "Hitler... In 1933, he took power. Back then, there were five million unemployed people in Germany. Within two years - from 1933 to 1935 - he put all those five million to work.




"Hitler eradicated unemployment within two years. Okay, so what's his story with the Jews? First of all, his story with the Jews has been exaggerated.




"The Jews constituted less than 1% of the German population. Less than 1%! And they were German citizens. But they controlled 50% of the media. Less than 1% control 50% of the German media. That was in Hitler's days. 50%! They also controlled 70% of the judges, the judicial system. They also controlled the theaters, the film industry, and the literature. This is the first thing you need to know to understand Hitler's story with the Jews.




"For 50 years - from 1870 to 1920 - their schemes against the German economy led to the bankruptcy of German banks, and many people lost their investments and their money. It was like the foul play you saw in the United States in 2008. Where did all the billions of dollars go? Why did countries go bankrupt?




"How did the figure of six million emerge? Today, in the West, they have laws, and they prosecute anyone who tries to cast doubt on these figures.




"Instead of being a constructive factor that wins the respect of nations, which could have viewed you as heroes of construction... Instead, you conspire against the nations?! That's why America will eventually find out about this. As long as things are fine and the economy is stable, the Americans remain quiet, but if there are further economic collapses, they will blame it all on the Jews, because they play a role in this.




"When (Allah) transformed them into apes and pigs, He said: 'I expelled them from the level of humanity to one degree below.' Apparently, He transformed them into chimpanzees, because they are the closest creatures (to humans). Research today - especially after 2002 and the genome studies - shows that the chimpanzee shares 96% of its DNA with human beings. I'm not talking about monkeys. I'm talking about chimpanzees. And then you have the pig. Scientists are now studying organ transplant from these two animals. They even succeeded in transplanting a pig's heart in a monkey.




"(Allah) did not turn them into dogs or mice, for example. He focused on apes twice.




"And once, He focused on pigs. It seems that the pig is one level... Incidentally, there are now studies about transplanting a pig's heart in humans.




"Allah expelled them from the human level and took them one notch down. First, he made them into apes, apes, apes. And people who sinned even more - he turned them into pigs. Get it? First, he turned them into apes, which are the closest to people... People? Can I call them people? Actually, I can. I'll tell you why later. Apes, especially chimpanzees, are the closest to people. Even with apes, there are all kinds. Chimpanzees...Then came the pigs. It seems that when (the Jews) were transformed into pigs, it was on account of something more severe that came later. They violated an even more severe sanctity. It happened to people who were upset about the punishment of transformation into apes. You don't like becoming apes?! We'll turn you into pigs!"

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