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Dec 03, 2013
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German-Palestinian Researcher Said Dudin: MEMRI Involved in Sowing Anarchy in the Arab World

#4084 | 03:29

Following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Said Dudin, Director of the One World Institute in Germany, which aired on Syria News TV on December 3, 2013:

Said Dudin: Do you know that Qatari gas is not sold in The Hague, but on Tel Aviv's stock exchange? As for politics, it is the Zionist leaders who are leading the sweeping anarchy, which only the idiots call "revolution" or "Arab Spring." The Zionist leaders, and I'd like to specifically mention Bernard-Henri Lévy, the criminal swindler Elie Weisel, Haim Saban and his institutes... It is the Zionist leaders who lead this, and therefore, it is no coincidence that none of the forces behind this sweeping anarchy use the slogans of the Arabs' sovereignty over their natural resources.

When it comes to intelligence... Let me give you an example. The head of military intelligence in the occupied West Bank, Colonel Yigal Carmon, who was the head of military intelligence from 1967 to 1982, and who issued the order to break the bones of children... He became the commander of Lahad's SLA forces, in occupied South Lebanon from 1982 to 2000.

Take a look at MEMRI and the list of its fellow researchers. He leads a group of thinkers, and I can give you a list of their names.


The King of Jordan was brought to Washington, and he signed an agreement with the criminal Elie Wiesel, the president of the advisory council of the most vicious group of plunderers of Jerusalem. In keeping with this agreement, four conferences were held – Petra I, Petra II, Petra III, and Petra IV - and hundreds of Mossad officers were brought there, along with hundreds of Arabs, in four Petra conference in six years in order to invade [the Arab world]...

I consider these conferences, which were out in the open, even more dangerous. The alliance between the racist Zionist colony and Arab reactionaries has reached a strategic stage, because they consider this alliance to be crucial for their continued presence, and their confrontation against the national Arab liberation movement. This is out in the open.

I hope that people notice the four Petra conferences and their resolutions. They constitute a real and clear invasion of the Arab Orient. We must realize that this alliance between the neo-Nazi Zionist colony and the Arab reactionaries will lead to Fascist tragedy and to massacres of millions.

We are witnessing massacres in Syria on a daily basis. These are the first signs of the alliance between the neo-Nazis of NATO and the Zionists, for the sake of the "Great Middle East" colony.


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