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Mar 25, 2019
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Gazan Child YouTuber Bilal Muhammad Abdulaal Threatens Macron: Do Not Intervene in Algeria, Or Else France Will Become an Algerian Province

#7116 | 01:23
Source: Online Platforms - "The Four Abdulaal Brothers on YouTube"

In a video that was uploaded to the Internet on March 25, 2019, Gazan child YouTuber Bilal Muhammad Abdulaal sent a warning to French President Emmanuel Macron to be careful not to interfere in Algeria's affairs or test its patience. Abdulaal said that the recent unrest in Algeria is an internal affair that involves nobody but the Algerians, and that the "tables will turn against [Macron]" in the heart of France if he wants there to be anarchy in Algeria. Abdulaal said: "Stop making statements about Algeria immediately!... Stop your support of the criminal gang… You'd better listen to me, or else France will become an Algerian province… The blame lies with whoever started this." The video was uploaded to a YouTube channel called "The Four Abdulaal Brothers," in which four young brothers comment on politics and religion. The account has 128,000 subscribers, and this video has been viewed approximately 33,000 times.


Bilal Muhammad Abdulaal: This is a message from a Palestinian lion cub to French President Emmanuel Macron. Be careful not to interfere in the affairs of Algeria or to test the patience of the Algerians. What is happening in Algeria is purely an internal affair, and you – or anyone else – have nothing to do with it. Stop making statements about Algeria immediately! The outcome of the demonstrations and the elections will be determined by the Algerian people only. If you want there to be anarchy in Algeria, the tables will turn against you in the heart of France. This is my message to you, Macron: Stop your support of the criminal gang, before it's too late. You'd better listen to me, or else France will become an Algerian province. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, and the blame lies with whoever started this.

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