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Oct 28, 2015
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Former Soviet Navy Commander: The Americans Only Respect the Powerful; As Submarine Commander, I Saw UFOs

#5438 | 03:25
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

In a Russia Today TV interview, Admiral Vladimir Chernavin, the last Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy and later of the Russian Navy, talked about Soviet-American relations, saying that the Americans "love power" and "refuse to recognize anyone who is not willing to use it." In the interview, which aired on October 25, 2015, Chernavin, who was former deputy minister of defense, said that the archives of the Soviet military navy had hundreds of reports of UFO sightings and that he himself had seen a UFO, which "assumed various forms, but mostly, looked like a round hat."

Following are excerpts

Interviewer: You wrote in your memoirs: "The greatest provocation on the part of the Pentagon occurred when the USS Yorktown cruiser and the USS Caron destroyer entered our territorial waters on March 13, 1986, near the southern shore of the Crimean peninsula. near the southern shore of the Crimean peninsula.

Admiral Vladimir Chernavin: Right.

Interviewer: They didn't go there by mistake, right?

Admiral Vladimir Chernavin: Our ships followed the Americans and informed them on the radio: "You are sailing in Soviet territorial waters. You have transgressed our borders and have infiltrated deep into foreign territory. You have crossed the border." They answered: "We are not violating anything. We are acting in accordance with maritime law." We made everything clear to them, but they denied it and went on with their violation.

Interviewer: So this was a clear provocation.

Admiral Vladimir Chernavin: Yes. The events that followed led us to give up on these futile exchanges.

Interviewer: Please tell us how you taught the Americans a lesson. This is the expression you used in your book. You wrote in your memoirs: "If the Americans did not get a strong slap, they would continue their violations."

Admiral Vladimir Chernavin: What I wrote in my memoirs was even harsher. In any case, that's how it is with the Americans. It's not just that they love power, but they also refuse to recognize anyone who is not willing to use it. I believe that the loss of our military might in the late 1980s, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, caused this situation to some extent. You could more or less say that the Americans did not take us into account anymore, because according to their notions, you cannot respect anyone unless he is very powerful and can retaliate in kind.

Interviewer: I saw a documentary in which you participated in person. You talked there about repeated UFO sightings in various oceans. You said that the archives of the Soviet military navy contain hundreds of reports of such sightings.

Interviewer: There were hundreds of such reports.

Admiral Vladimir Chernavin: When I was a submarine commander, I saw this phenomenon in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Interviewer: What did you see? Please give us specific examples.

Admiral Vladimir Chernavin: I saw an object flying over one of our Soviet posts. It assumed various forms, but mostly, it looked like a round hat.

Interviewer: Like a CD?

Admiral Vladimir Chernavin:It really glowed. The light was changing, and the saucer was moving very rapidly. It would hover in one place and then vanish and reappear in another place. Then it would sink and disappear completely. Then it would sink and disappear completely. After a while, it would pop out of the water, but in a different form. We would see such phenomena. I believed and still believe that we cannot ignore these abnormal phenomena.


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