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Mar 31, 2024
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Former Jordanian Information Minister Samih Al-Maaytah: Hamas Leaders In Qatar Are Stirring Unrest In Jordan, Trying To Tell Us They 'Own' The Jordanian Public; We Should Seriously Consider Revoking Their Jordanian Citizenship

#10996 | 01:51
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Former Jordanian Minister of Information Samih Al-Maaytah said in a March 31, 2024 interview on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) that since the beginning of the war in Gaza, Hamas's leadership in Qatar – including Khaled Mashal – have been attempting to incite Jordan's population to take to the streets. He explained that Hamas's leadership is attempting to pressure the Jordanian government and to "send a message" that Hamas "owns" the Jordanian public, so that Jordan changes its stance regarding Hamas. In addition, he said that any leader of a Palestinian faction who has Jordanian citizenship and is inciting or provoking riots should perhaps have his citizenship revoked, in accordance with the Jordanian constitution.

Samih Al-Maaytah: "When the [Israeli] aggression began, one of the Hamas's leaders living in Qatar [Khaled Mash'al] incited the Jordanian tribes to take to the streets. Then he apologized for what he had said. He sent messages via intermediaries, saying that he apologizes and that he had made a mistake.

"Then, a couple of days ago, he incited the people again to take to the streets, in a manner that implies other things. This is what the government meant when it talked about incitement of the public. It is clear that there is an attempt today to ignite the Jordanian public, and to exert pressure on the Jordanian state. Jordan does not occupy Gaza. Jordan is not bombing Gaza. Jordan supports Gaza politically, diplomatically, and with humanitarian aid.


"This is an attempt to send a message to the Jordanian state with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan.


"The Hamas leaders in Qatar have incited the Jordanian public, and they are inciting the tribes, inciting people to take to the streets, and to chant new [anti-Jordanian] slogans. They are trying to say to Jordan: We own the Jordanian public. Perhaps is an attempt to pressure Jordan to change its approach towards Hamas.


"A leader of any Palestinian faction who has Jordanian citizenship, but is inciting against our country and is trying to provoke riots in it – the government should seriously consider revoking his citizenship. This is in line with the constitution."

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