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Sep 09, 2022
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Fmr. Iranian Diplomat Abyaneh: Per Talmudic Practice, Zionists Are Trying To Deprive Prince Harry, Who Married "Colored" Meghan Markle, Of His Royal Inheritance In Favor Of Prince William, Who Married "Jewish" Kate Middleton

#9861 | 03:12
Source: IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Former Iranian Ambassador to Mexico and Australia Mohammad-Hassan Ghadiri-Abyaneh said in a show on Ofogh TV (Iran) that was aired on September 9, 2022, one day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, that the United Kingdom's political parties, royal family, and economy are controlled by the Zionists and the Jews. He also said that the Talmud and Jewish law do not permit Jewish women to marry non-Jewish men, but that an exception is made when the non-Jewish men are rich or powerful because then the Jews can increase their wealth and influence by inheriting it from non-Jews.

He then claimed that Kate Middleton, the wife of the new British heir-apparent Prince William, is Jewish, and he said that she is married to him as part of a Jewish scheme to inherit the royal family's riches. In addition, he claimed that the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is also part of a Jewish plot to increase the share of the royal wealth that the Jews will inherit. Moreover, he claimed that when a Jew marries into a powerful non-Jewish family such as the British royal family, members of the family start dying more frequently. For more about Ghadiri-Abayaneh, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 998, 8918, 9365.

Mohammad-Hassan Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "The policies of England with regard to the royal family, and the Conservative and Labour parties, are determined by the Zionists. In England and throughout Europe, as well as in America, the Zionists have an age-old influence, and they are present in all the political parties. They are the ones calling the shots. Especially with regard to the Middle East, the Zionists are the decision-makers.


"Most of the banks are in their hands. The economic issues are [decided] by the Zionists.

"In addition, [they control] the media — beginning with newspapers, magazines, and TV networks, and ending with Hollywood and so on. Anyone who wants to be elected in countries where there are elections needs two things: Money and the media. Without these, [the candidates] cannot make any progress.


"One example is the Rothschild [family], which managed banks and held the money. If you examine the economic firms in Europe and America — they are held by the Zionists, in most cases. The Zionists have employed various methods to gain control.

"According to the Talmud, which is the Jews' book of jurisprudence, Jewish women are not allowed to marry non-Jewish men, unless these non-Jewish men are wealthy and powerful. They plan to marry these men so that through inheritance — whether of wealth or power — they will be able to transfer the money and power to the children of Jewish women.


"They used the same plan for the royal family in England. The Queen's grandson [Prince William] is married to [Kate Middleton,] a Jewish woman. When they get married, they start to have children, so that their cut in the inheritance will be bigger than that of the others.


"But it does not end there. They begin to hatch schemes against the other family members. Usually, when they get married, the mortality rate in the family rises, so that the [Jews'] cut in the inheritance grows.


"One grandson [Harry] married a somewhat colored [sic] American woman, and I think that in this case it is also part of their plan. They want [William] to replace [Harry].

"Hence, I think that the Queen's successor will be vulnerable to the Zionists' schemes. Why? Because if he steps down, he is replaced by [the Queen's] grandson [William], who has a Jewish wife."

Interviewer: "Correct."

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