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Nov 10, 2023
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Footage Of 1998 Meeting Between Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei And Hamas Founder Ahmed Yassin

#10627 | 03:15
Source: Online Platforms - "khamenei.ir"

On November 10, 2023 Khamenei.ir uploaded footage of a 1998 meeting between Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin, who was later killed by Israeli forces in 2004. Yassin said that Hamas needs the support of "everyone in all the Arab and Islamic lands," so the Palestinians "can stand firmly and strongly" and confront the Zionist and American "aggression." Khamenei said that Iran opposes the Zionist "usurping government and that cancerous growth," and it will fight it. Contemporary scenes from the war between Israel and Hamas were edited into the archival footage.

Ahmed Yassin: "First of all, I am thankful to you for this good meeting and for these good hours where I have had the opportunity to be in the land of the Islamic Revolution.

"We need the support of everyone in all the Arab and Islamic lands for us to be able to strengthen the Islamic ranks and help the Palestinian people so that they can stand firmly and strongly in confronting the Zionist-US aggressions, God willing."

Ali Khamenei: "I believe that you Mr. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and these brothers and the brothers in Palestine are fighting on the front line of the war between Islam and disbelief, and the war between truth and falsehood."

Yassin: "I am also thankful for the firm stance taken by the Leader and the people of Iran with regard to the Palestinian cause."

Khamenei: "We have not recognized and will not recognize the uprising government in the Palestinian lands and the country of Palestine for even a single hour. We oppose the Zionists, that usurping government, and that cancerous growth that they have planted in the Islamic lands, and we will fight it. We have no doubt about future. What's important is the plan of action so that the time needed for this will be shortened as much as is possible."

Yassin: "We won't relinquish even a bit or a handspan of the territory of our homeland. We will remain committed to Islam. We will continue to be fighters who either achieve victory or are martyred, God willing, so that Al-Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the first Qibla of the Muslims, are freed."

Khamenei: "Of course, we are proud of you. We consider this Islamic movement to be a source of honor for the Islam. I carefully listened to what you said, and I see all of it to be completely compatible with the Islamic principles and the laws of Islam and the Quaran. Without a doubt, this will be victorious. God's promise is true when He says, 'Allah will surely help those who help His cause. Indeed Allah is strong, mighty' [Quran 22:40]."

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