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Nov 08, 2022
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Fmr. Khamenei Advisor Larijani: Germany, Canada Are In No Position To Lecture Us About Human Rights Violations; The Germans Are Antisemites – In Contrast, Muslims Only Oppose The Zionists, Who Run Brothels, Casinos In The World

#9929 | 05:35
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Mohammad-Javad Larijani, an Iranian official who has formerly served as an advisor to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and as Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister, said in a November 8, 2022 interview on Channel 1 (Iran) that Germany and Canada are in no position to preach to Iran about human rights violations surrounding the recent anti-regime protests. He elaborated that racism and antisemitism are in the "blood" of the Germans, and he said that in contrast, Muslims only oppose Zionism, since the Zionists are secular and control brothels, casinos, and other "means of corruption" in the world. He also explained that Canada has ethnically cleansed its indigenous population, and he spoke about Canada’s residential school scandal. In addition, Larijani said that Western leaders are "megalomaniacal, self-centered, and extremely narcissistic." Larijani also spoke about claims that Iran has supplied Russia with drones used in the war in Ukraine, and he said that Iranian-made drones cost no more than $15,000 per unit. In contrast, he claimed that the U.S.-made Stinger missiles used to intercept them cost $1.3 million per unit. For more about Larijani, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 9856, 9699, 8986, 8482, 8247, 7611, 7604, 7299, 6622, 1456, and 1168.

Mohammad-Javad Larijani: "To some extent, the lack of manners characterizing Western leaders' behavior is not unique to their treatment of us. Their behavior is entirely megalomaniacal and self-centered. We are talking about a very extreme form of narcissism. Indeed, it is a unique disease. Yes, they lack manners. You mentioned Ukraine. You can see that all of a sudden they raised hell, claiming that we give our drones to Russia who, in turn, uses them to attack Ukraine. On the one hand, until recently, they were saying that these are merely firecrackers..."

Interviewer: "And that [the images] are photoshopped."

Larijani: "Yes. Ukraine is saying that half of its energy plants were hit by these [drones], which cannot be intercepted. The Ukrainian minister of defense said that in order to down them, they need to use Stinger missiles that cost $1.3 million per unit, whereas the drones produced by Iran cost $10,000-15,000 per unit, and they hit the target. This is quite interesting. I cannot refute any of these comments because the drones they are talking about are of the first generation. The capabilities we have a very advanced.


"The recent German 'dance' regarding the riots in Iran is extremely disgraceful. The Germans themselves have a very peculiar past. In every war caused by Germany, 40 million people were killed, not to mention the Germans' racism. Let me tell you about an experience I once had."

Interviewer: "Go ahead."

Larijani: "A former foreign minister... I mean, back when there were two Germanies."

Interviewer: "East Germany and West Germany."

Larijani: "Right. We had contacts about the [Iran-Iraq] war, and I was at the Foreign Ministry."

Interviewer: "You were the deputy foreign minister." 

Larijani: "Right. I asked him: 'How much racism do you have in Germany?' He said: 'It is imprinted in our blood. We believe that our original Aryan race is the only race that has completed its evolution.' I asked him: 'How is your antisemitism?' After all, we Muslims do not have antisemitism. We oppose the Zionists, who, as you know, have no religion. They are secular and anti-religion. All the whorehouse, casinos, and means of corruption in the world are run by them. The Jews, however, are not like that."

Interviewer: "Especially in Germany."

Larijani: "In Germany, they suffer from a disease called the 'German sin,' and they [the Germans] have suffered humiliation for a long time. [I asked him:] 'Do you or don't you have antisemitism?' His answer was, and this was the foreign minister: 'Even today, if a child breaks something at home, his mother says to him: "You kike!'" You see, this is the type of people they are. With regard to various matters of violence and discrimination, a country with such a negative record is now talking about the rights of women, men, and so on. The highest rates of sex slavery and child sexual exploitation are to be found among those Germans." 

Interviewer: "In Cologne and Stuttgart..."

Larijani: "Everywhere. Yes, right. These are their centers. I think that one of the reasons that the Germans are interested in Ukraine is that they absorbed at least 1.5 million female sex slaves. This is very important in this regard. Another example is the Canadian prime minister, who should more appropriately be referred to as a playboy. Canada is now lecturing us on human rights." 

Interviewer: "He himself is participating in demonstrations against another country."

Larijani: "Yes, when I talk about [lack of] manners, this is what I mean. This is the same Canada that is still involved in the ethnic cleansing of indigenous people. Leave aside for now the children that they killed in groups of 500, and only now it has come out."

Interviewer: "This is still the situation."

Larijani: "A few years ago, when I was in charge of the [Iranian] High Council for Human Rights, some red-skinned indigenous Canadians came to visit me. Such catastrophes are still taking place there right now! If an indigenous person gives birth, they take the baby within two weeks, and say that it must grow up in a place where it can integrate without any indigenous disposition. This is the situation at this very moment."

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