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Dec 08, 2021
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Palestinian Law Professor And Fatah Official Jihad Al-Harazin: Why Does The World Cry For The 'So-Called' Holocaust And Not For The Real Holocaust Of Palestinians?

#9239 | 01:18
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Dr. Jihad Al-Harazin, a Fatah official who is also a professor of law and political science at Al-Quds University, was interviewed on Palestine TV on December 8, 2021. Dr. Al-Harazin asked why the world cries for the "so-called" Nazi holocaust of the Jews, but not for Palestinian children who were killed in a "real" holocaust that is being carried out by Israel. The interviewer also said that Israel receives aid from Germany based on "lies, theft, and deception by Israel."

Dr. Jihad Al-Harazin: "To this very day, the occupation state receives aid and grants from Germany for a crime that was committed in the Nazi war. This was achieved by establishing museums that exhibited the so-called Holocaust and its torments. The world weeps over this Holocaust every year.

Interviewer: "And it is all based on lies, theft, and deception by Israel."

Dr. Jihad Al-Harazin: "Why doesn’t the world weep over the crimes that are being committed daily? Why doesn’t the world weep over the child martyr Muhammad..."

Interviewer: "Al-Durrah."

Dr. Jihad Al-Harazin: "Yes, Muhammad Al-Durrah, and the child, Muhammad [Abu Khdair], who was burned in Jerusalem by the occupation forces? The entire Dawabshe family was burned in a real, new Holocaust, by the occupation."

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